East was a beast for some of the docks on east end of the harbor

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

When a hurricane starts to roll in, word to the wise, "west is best" and "east is a beast."

In other words, usually those to the west of where a hurricane makes landfall are better off than those on the east side. Well the same appeared to be true for the fishing docks up and down Destin harbor, with the ones on the east end feeling the brunt of Hurricane Sally that blew through on Sept. 16.

Heron Harbor, east of the Boathouse Oyster Bar and home to the Vera Marie party boat as well as about a dozen charter boats and a 27-foot catamaran, suffered some serious damage to the docks.

Capt. Billy O'Connor of the 27-foot Stiletto catamaran Capt. Jambo's was trying to figure out how he would get his vessel back in the slip at Heron Harbor docks. The dock was ripped up as well as his slip area by Hurricane Sally.

"I can't load passengers safely," said Billy O'Connor, captain of the 27-foot Stiletto catamaran Capt. Jambo's.

The end dock at Heron Harbor suffered serious damage and as of last Friday, O'Connor was unable to even get to his slip.

O'Connor took the catamaran around to Marler Bayou before the hurricane blew through but now he's unable to get the boat back in it's slip, much less load up passengers.

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"I've been booked," he said, not knowing when he'll be back up and running.

The party boat Vera Marie took about 20 people out fishing on Friday as well as the charter boat Good Times.

The docks at Heron Harbor took a beating from Hurricane Sally.

The Seahorse, Big John and Relentless, just to the east of the Boathouse, were all in their slips Friday morning. The boats appeared to be OK, but the dock next to the Relentless was missing a few boards that were getting replaced.

The dive boat Under Pressure was getting ready Friday to pull out for a dive trip to check out the clarity in the water after the storm.

Trevor Hally was busy Friday morning  hammering some of the boards on the docks back in place beside the charter boat Relentless.

The docks located behind Harbor Docks Restaurant in the heart of Destin suffered some damage on the east end, but none of the boats.

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"We have some fairly significant dock damage, but it's nothing that can't be fixed fairly easily," said Eddie Morgan of Harbor Docks.

The docks behind Harbor Docks suffered some damage, but nothing that can't be fixed.