Home Helpers knocks off Bad News and 3rd Planet in softball

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

Home Helpers Maids clinched two victories in the city of Destin's Men's Softball League this week at  Morgan Sports Center.

In a doubleheader, Home Helpers held on for a 22-21 win over Bad News, then finished up with a 19-5 victory over 3rd Planet.

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In the first game, Home Helpers jumped out to an 11-3 lead in the first two innings. By the fifth inning, Bad News had closed the gap at 17-11. In the sixth, Home Helpers scored one and then four in the seventh for a 22-14 lead. In the bottom of the seventh, Bad News rallied the bats and scored seven, but came up short.

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Alejandro Soledad led Home Helpers with two home runs and a double for five RBIs. Franklin Lopez connected for three singles and a double for two RBIs, and Miguel Torres hit three doubles. Jean Rodriguez slapped a home run.

Donnie Montry of Awards Plus hit a home run, double and a single in their 27-22 loss to 3rd Planet.

Brett Masser led Bad News with a home run, double and two singles for an RBI. Other big hitters were Cody Maddox, four singles; Michael Haynes, two singles, double, two RBIs; Taylor Fought, two homers; Shawn Taunton, homer; and Bo Bobich, homer.

In the second game, Home Helpers put 3rd Planet away early. At at the end of three, Home Helpers led 9-4. In the fourth inning, Home Helpers exploded for 10 runs for a  19-4 advantage. 3rd Planet scored one last run in the top of the fifth.

Franklin Lopez was tops for Home Helpers with a homer, triple and a single for five RBIs. Alejandro Soledad and Joel Diaz each hit a home run and  a single for two RBIs. Cedrick Johnson and Miguel Torres each belted home runs.

Brennan Bostworth hit a home run and a triple for three RBIs for 3rd Planet. Kevin Schuster doubled and singled for an RBI, and Joey Humphries connected for two singles.

In other action:

M&J Inc. 16, Regatta Bay 13

At the end of three, M&J was on top 9-6. M&J went on to score two in the fourth, two in the fifth and three in the sixth for the win.

Jacob Morgan connected for three doubles for an RBI for M&J. Brian Grant hit two doubles, Sean Aguilar doubled and singled for an RBI, and Brad Perez belted a home run.

Laramie Bolton hit three singles for Regatta. Tiger Scheyd smacked two doubles for two RBIs, and Drew Dorman doubled and singled for two RBIs.

Bad News 26, M&J Inc. 21

M&J took and early 6-2 lead in the first inning, but then Bad News exploded for 14 runs in the second. Bad News went on to score five in the third and five in the fourth for the win.

Big hitters for Bad News were Cody Maddox with a homer, double and two singles for four RBIs; Michael Haynes, three singles, a double, four RBIs; Jason Little, two doubles, two singles, three RBIs; Jared Boduch, two homers; and Neil Washington, two home runs.

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Brandon Brader slapped a homer, two doubles and a single for two RBIs for M&J. Coby Aguilar hit three singles for three RBIs; and Anthony Owens doubled and singled for two RBIs. Brad Perez connected for three homers and six RBIs.

Awards Plus 21, Regatta Bay 2

Awards Plus dominated and put the game away in five innings.

Brandon Ates connected for four singles for Awards. Ross Taylor hit a home run and two singles, and Josh Rose connected for three singles.

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Drew Dorman and Mike Giammons each connected for two singles for Regatta, while  Tiger Scheyd singled.

3rd Planet 27, Awards Plus 22

After trailing 13-5, 3rd Planet scored 11 runs in the fifth and then another 11 in the sixth to pull off the win.

Spencer Rockley belted two homers and two singles for 3rd Planet. Jason Franil hit two singles and two doubles, and Jake McDorman, two singles.

Donnie Montry slapped a home run, double and a single for Awards Plus. Jesse Crawford cranked out two home runs.