Awards Plus puts two victories in the scorebooks in men's softball play

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

Awards Plus edged out Bad News 22-21 then blasted 3rd Planet 19-5 in the Destin's Men's Softball League at Morgan Sports Center.

In its first win, Awards Plus trailed 10-2 at the end of two innings. Awards Plus picked  up one run in the third, then rallied for 10 runs in the fourth to go up 13-11 over Bad News. Awards added three in the fifth for a 16-11 advantage.

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In the top of the sixth, Bad News rallied for 10 runs and the lead. But Awards Plus answered with six runs for the win.

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Jesse Crawford was the big stick for Awards Plus with three homers and a single for five RBIs. Carlos Izquerdo slapped a home run and two singles for two RBIs, and Cory Griffith doubled and singled for an RBI.

Tops for Bad News were AJ Hoffstarer with four singles for three RBIs; Taylor Fought, two singles and a double for three RBIs, and Jared Stuart, three singles for three RBIs.

Donnie Montry of Awards Plus unloads on the ball for three doubles in a 19-5 win over 3rd Planet.

Awards Plus dominated 3rd Planet in game two, taking a 12-5 lead after three innings. Awards Plus put the game away in five.

Ryan Grandstaff led Awards Plus with a home run, triple and a single for five RBIs. Jesse Crawford ripped a home run, double and a single for three RBIs, and Donnie Montry hit three doubles. Ross Taylor also hit a home run.

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Michael Lutz connected for two doubles and a single for two RBIs for 3rd Planet. Jason Frunzi hit a double for an RBI, and Ricky Gal connected for two singles.

In other action:

Home Helpers Maids 23, M&J Inc. 14

Down 11-8 after three innings, Home Helpers battled back with two runs in the fourth and then exploded for eight in the fifth for an 18-12 lead.

In the sixth inning, Home Helpers scored five and M&J two.

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Cedric Johnson led Home Helpers with a triple, two doubles and a single. Alexejandro Soledad belted a home run and a single, and Miguel Torees hit two doubles and two singles.

Brian Grant led M&J with a double and a single. Sean Aguilar and Jacob Morgan each each two singles.

M&J Inc. 21, Regatta Bay 9

M&J jumped out to a 12-4 lead in the first inning and never looked back. M&J run-ruled Regatta in five innings.

Jacob Morgan led M&J with a triple, two doubles and two singles for three RBIs. Brian Grant doubled and hit two singles for an RBI, and Coby Aguilar hit an inside-the-park home run and two singles for two RBIs.

Ryan Barousse hit three singles for two RBIs for Regatta. Caleb Maraman doubled and hit two singles, and Nick Giammaresi hit three singles.

Home Helpers Maids 28, Bad News 8

Home Helpers jumped to a 23-5 lead in the first three innings, then scored five in the fourth to cruise to the five-inning win.

John Clark and Miguel Jose Torres each hit two doubles and two singles for Home Helpers. Jean Rodriguez doubled and hit two singles.

Taylor Fought slapped a home run and a single for Bad News. Shawn Taunton doubled and singled and Jason Little cranked out a home run.

Regatta Bay 12, 3rd Planet 11

At the end of two innings, the game was tied at 6-6. Regatta pulled ahead with four runs in the fourth and then one more in the fifth for a 11-8 advantage. In the top of the seventh, Regatta scored one and then held 3rd Planet to three for the win.

Ryan Barousse led Regatta with a triple and three singles. Canyon Clevenger doubled and hit two singles for two RBIs, and Mike Giammeresi doubled and singled.

Jason Frunzi was the top batter for 3rd Planet with a double and three singles for an RBI. Kevin Schuster hit two doubles and a single for four RBIs, and Joey Humphrey hit three singles for an RBI.