HarborWalk Marina defeats Fender's Collision in coed softball

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

Brian Martinez knocked in six runs to lead HarborWalk Marina to a 17-16 win over Fender's Collision in Destin's Coed Softball League Upper Division at Morgan Sports Center.

Martinez cranked out two homers in the five-inning game.

In the first three innings, HarborWalk took a 10-4 lead. In the top of the fourth, Fender's pulled ahead with eight runs. HarborWalk got the advantage back with three runs in the bottom of the inning.

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Fender's rallied, scoring four in the top of the fifth for a three-run lead. HarborWalk answered with four runs for the win.

Justin Lund connected for three doubles and a single for an RBI for HarborWalk. Jason Jamison and Millian Santiago each had three singles and an RBI.

Jordan Brewer slapped a grand slam and a triple for five RBIs for Fender's. Jen Bazylak had three singles and an RBI while Mike Belden doubled and hit two singles.

Bradley's Industrial 25, Colby's Lawn Care 17

Bradley's jumped out to a 16-10 lead in the first two innings and led 22-17 at the end of four. 

Bobby Griffith led Bradley's with a double and four singles for three RBIs. Cody Maddox slapped a home run, two doubles and a single for five RBIs, and Kristen Myers tripled and hit two singles for an RBI. Bradley Cummins also hit a home run.

Joe Feltner hit a homer, double and a single for six RBIs for Colby's Lawn Care in coed softball action.

Top batters for Colby's were Joe Feltner with a homer, double and a single for six RBIs; Matt Campbell, double and two singles for three RBIs; Jenny Campbell, double for two RBIs; and Nelson Campbell, homer.

Huck's Ducks 17, Tay Gray Photography 16

After trailing the first three innings, Huck's took a one-run lead in the fourth and led by two runs after five.

In the top of the sixth inning, Tay Gray scored four runs for a 16-14 advantage. Huck's scored three runs in the bottom half for the win.

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Taylor Fought was the big stick for Huck's with three home runs and a single for six RBIs. Luke Jackson had two homers, one inside-the-park, for four RBIs; and Syd Earley doubled and singled twice for an RBI. 

Michael Haynes led Tay Gray with a home run, two doubles and two singles for four RBIs. Brett Masser hit two doubles and two singles for two RBIs; and Jen Phillips doubled and singled for four RBIs.


Exurt 16, Philip Cryar Marine 13

At the end of three innings, Exurt led 7-6. Exurt exploded for nine runs in the fifth for the win.

Andy Collins connected for two doubles and two singles for two RBIs for Exurt. Travis Thomas tripled, hit two doubles and a single for an RBI; and Nikki Stewart hit two singles.

George Schissler hit two doubles and a single for two RBIs for Philip Cryar. Jason Smith doubled and singled twice for an RBI; and Danielle Sheridan doubled and singled for an RBI. 

Emerald Coast Chiropractic 19, Shoreline 9

Emerald Coast dominated, taking a 15-5 lead in the first two innings. The game was over in five innings.

Chuck Ball connected for four singles for Chiropractic. Todd Preston tripled, doubled and singled; and Shawn Woods tripled and singled.

Brandon Rowell tripled and hit two singles for Shoreline. James Higgins connected for two doubles; and Marlee Tucker hit two singles.

Advanced Concrete 20, My Payroll 8

The first inning was close with Advanced holding a 3-2 lead. In the bottom of the second, Advanced put 10 runs on the scoreboard. Advanced had the game in hand at the end of five innings.

Logan Gaither led Advanced with a home run, triple and a single. Jeremy Maines homered, doubled and singled; and David Bonzo doubled and singled.

Todd Schrag led My Payroll with two doubles and a single. Brandon Blyden doubled  and singled; and Matt Blyden hit two singles.