Home Helpers Maids blasts opponents in men's softball

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

Home Helpers Maids whipped 3rd Planet 27-6, then put Awards Plus away 26-8 in Destin's Men's Softball League at Morgan Sports Center.

In the first game, Home Helpers jumped out to a 14-1 lead in the first three innings. In the top of the fourth, Home Helpers exploded for 13 runs. 3rd Planet answered with two in the bottom half. The game was over in five innings.

Nelson Santiago and Jean Rodriguez each hit a double and four singles for two RBIs for Home Helpers. Brandon Patzig smacked a home run, a double and two singles for four RBIs, while Alex Santana belted two homers for five RBIs. Miguel Torres and Alejandro Soledad each hit a home run.

Kevin Schuster led 3rd Planet with a homer and a single for two RBIs. Jake McDorman hit two doubles, and BJ Coleman tripled and singled for two RBIs.

In the second game, Home Helpers was a little slow getting started. After no runs in the first, Home Helpers scored six in the second and two in the third for an 8-3 advantage.

In the fourth, Home Helpers scored four and Awards Plus answered with five for a 12-8 game. However, Home Helpers scored seven runs in the fifth and another seven in the sixth to finish off the game.

Jean Rodriguez was the top batter for Home Helpers with two home runs, a double and a single for eight RBIs. Brandon Patzig slapped a homer, three singles and a double for an RBI, and Alex Santana cranked out a home run and two singles for three RBIs. Salvador Ramon also hit a home run.

Ryan Griffith led Awards Plus with a homer and a single for four RBIs. Josh Rose hit two singles, and Ross Taylor homered and singled for three RBIs.

Jared Stewart of Bad News takes one deep for a hit in the win over M&J Inc.

In other action:

Bad News 20, M&J Inc. 8

Bad News took an early 16-5 lead in the first three innings and put the game away in five.

Shawn Taunton led Bad News with a home run and two doubles for two RBIs. AJ Hoffstater belted a home run and two singles for three RBIs, and Cody Maddox doubled and singled for an RBI. DJ Gray cranked out two home runs and Taylor Fought, one.

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Coby Aguilar tripled and hit two doubles for M&J. Brian Grant and Dale Sowers each connected for two singles.

M&J Inc. 26, 3rd Planet 14

At the end of five innings, 3rd Planet led 9-8. In the last two innings, M&J exploded for eight runs in the sixth and 11 in the seventh for the win.

Dale Sower led M&J with a triple, double and three singles for three RBIs. Coby Aguilar cranked out a homer, double and a single for two RBIs, and Brian Grant hit a triple, double and two singles for an RBI. Brendon Brader smacked three homers for six RBIs.

Kevin Schuster was tops for 3rd Planet with a homer and three singles for two RBIs. Jason Frunzi doubled and hit three singles for an RBI, and Ricky Gal homered and singled for three RBIs. Donny Derushi also hit a home run.

Bad News 24, Regatta Bay 18

Bad News took a 14-12 lead in the first three innings and held on for the win.

Big hitters for Bad News were Brett Masser with a home run and three singles; Maddox Cody, four singles; and Shawn Taunton, two singles.

Laramie Bolton doubled and hit two singles for Regatta. Tiger Scheyd connected for three singles, and Bo Knight hit two singles.

Awards Plus 13, Regatta Bay 10

Awards Plus led 10-3 after five innings. In the sixth, Awards Plus scored three more before Regatta Bay put seven runs on the board.

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Top batters for Awards Plus were Taylor Ross with a home run, double and two singles; and Josh Rose, two singles.

Laramie Bolton hit two triples and a single for Regatta. Caleb Maraman tripled and singled, and Darrin Veasey connected for two singles.