UPPER DIVISION: Huck's Ducks win two on first night of coed tournament

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

Huck's Ducks posted two victories in round one of the city of Destin's Upper Division Coed Softball Tournament at Morgan Sports Center.

Huck's beat Colby's Lawn Cared 18-15, then defeated Bradley's Industrial Textile 18-13 in the double-elimination tournament.

In game one, Huck's led 8-5 at the end of three over Colby's. In the top of the fourth, Colby's picked up two runs and Huck's answered with four. 

In the top of the fifth, Colby's took the lead with seven runs, but not for long. Huck's came back with six in the bottom half for an 18-14 advantage. Colby's scored one last run in the sixth.

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Luke Jackson led Huck's with two doubles and a single for four RBIs. Sydni Early doubled and hit two singles, and Jared Lenoir connected for three singles for two RBIs. Tyler Stolhut cranked out two homers for three RBIs.

Danny Atkins was tops for Colby's with a double and three singles for an RBI. Jennie Campbell hit two singles and Colby Wells slapped a home run, triple and a double for two RBIs. Lee Majors and Anthony Bartolo each belted home runs.

In Huck's second victory, they jumped out to an 11-5 lead in the first two innings over Bradley's. By the end of four, Huck's led 17-11. In the fifth, Huck's added one more run and Bradley's picked up two.

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Stolhut was the big stick for Huck's with two home runs, a triple and a double for six RBIs. Lenoir homered and hit two singles for three RBIs, and Della Frey connected for two singles. Jacob Huckabee also cranked out a home run.

Rita Cummins led Bradley's with three singles for an RBI. Corey Griffith tripled and singled for an RBI; and Bradley Cummins hit two singles for three RBIs.

In other tournament action:

HarborWalk Marina 23, Fender's Collision 22

With 12 runs needed for a run-ruling on the game, HarborWalk was one run short at the end of five innings, 19-8.

Not giving up, Fender's battled back in the top of the sixth with 11 runs to tie the game at 19-19. HarborWalk failed to score in the bottom half.

With the 75-minute time clock on the game expired, Fender's scored three in the top of the seventh and HarborWalk scored the four needed for the win in the bottom half.

Justin Lund led HarborWalk with a triple and four singles for four RBIs. Kortney Cooper tripled, doubled and hit two singles for three RBIs; Chris Poole doubled and hit two singles for three RBIs; and Brian Martinez hit two home runs, one a grand slam.

Jordan Brewer knocked in four runs for HarborWalk Marina.

Jordan Brewer was tops for Fender's with an inside-the-park homer, double and a single for four RBIs. Chelsie McCall tripled, doubled and singled for an RBI, and Davey Bazylak doubled and hit two singles for two RBIs.

Tay Gray Photography 19, HarborWalk Marina 12

Tay Gray jumped out to a 14-4 lead in the first three innings. Tay Gray picked up five more in the fourth.

HarborWalk added one in the fourth and had their biggest inning in the fifth with seven runs.

Michael Haynes was the big hitter for Tay Gray with a home run, triple and two doubles for four RBIs. Brett Maser tripled and hit three singles; Joey Binaco doubled and hit three singles for three RBIs; and Jamie Leonard singled and hit two doubles for three RBIs.

Poole hit three singles for two RBIs for HarborWalk. Scott Bukosky connected for two singles for two RBIs, and Martinez doubled for three RBIs.

ROUND TWO - Dec. 2

6:30 p.m. - Fender's Collision vs. Bradley Industrial Textile (Game 5)

6:30 p.m. - Colby's Lawn Care vs. HarborWalk Marina (Game 6)

8 p.m. - Huck's Ducks vs. Tay Gray Photography (Game 7)

8 p.m. - Winner of Game 5 vs. Winner of Game 6 (Game 8)