Done Pickin hauls in big money fish in Destin Flathead Classic Cobia Tournament at Boshamps

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

With more than 40 boats entered, Capt. Jordan Hutchison and his crew on the Done Pickin came in on the last day of the three-day tournament with the big money fish in the Destin Flathead Classic Cobia Tournament at Boshamps Seafood and Oyster House. 

The 54.4-pound cobia hauled in by Jeff Wainwright pulled in $84,580 in winnings for the Done Pickin. It was Capt. Hutchison’s first tournament on the Done Pickin, which docks at Baytown Marina at Sandestin. 

Capt. Jordan Hutchison, kneeling front and center, and the crew aboard the Done Pickin hauled in the winning cobia, a 54.4-pounder, on the final day of the Destin Flathead Classic at Boshamps on Destin harbor.

"We just got lucky and crashed into one,” Hutchison said. 

Hutchison said they fished every day of the tournament and went one-for-one. 

“It was a slow tournament; we just made it count,” Hutchison said. “We sat up there in the middle of a downpour, lightning popping. We pretty much had all the weather scenarios you could have” across the three days of fishing.

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But they finally saw one west of Destin just off the area known as the Matador. 

“It was the fourth quarter, two-minute warning, down by 7 and we found him,” Hutchison said. 

It was about 4:30 p.m. on the last day of the tournament when they spotted the fish. The cobia took the bait right away and they had it in the boat in about 15 minutes. 

Crewmembers aboard the Done Pickin show off their big check for pulling in the winning cobia, a 54.4-pounder, in the Destin Flathead Classic Cobia Tournament at Boshamps.

Hutchison said they fished for about another 45 minutes in hopes of maybe spotting another, but no such luck. 

“The Lord finally gave us one day with a little sunshine. It wasn’t raining when we caught it … it was actually a pretty Sunday afternoon,” he said. "This was our first fishing tournament on the boat.

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“We can only go down from here,” Hutchison joked. 

According to Miller Phillips of Boshamps, there were only four fish weighed the entire weekend. 

“Weather certainly didn’t help, but the fish just aren’t here yet,” Phillips said. 

On Friday, the first day of the tournament, two fish were weighed. 

The Kingfisher came in with a 53.5 pounder that finished second overall. The crew took home $11,220 in winnings. 

Not long after the Kingfisher, Capt. Jim Green along with Capt. Jim Westbrook on the Suzie Q backed in with a 52.4 pounder. They finished in third place, but with money in the Calcutta’s, they took home $17,200. 

The crew aboard the Suzie Q finished in third place with this 52.4-pounder caught on the first day of the Destin Flathead Classic at Boshamps.

“That was the only fish we saw,” said Westbrook. 

Westbrook said they fished all day, all three days of the tournament. 

“It was miserable … but the rain was the real problem,” he said. 

The one fish they did catch, they caught after 3 p.m. Friday west of Destin near Navarre. 

“I haven’t caught a dozen (cobia) after three,” Westbrook said, noting they usually hook up earlier in the day. 

But when it was all said and done, the weights of the cobia couldn’t have been any closer, Westbrook said. 

Although not many were spotted or caught, Phillips said he thinks the cobia will show up. 

“That’s just the way it goes. But we still had a great time and it was so good to see all the locals at the restaurant one last time before the season hits again,” Phillips said.