DMS weightlifters break records but finish second to Ruckel

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

In what turned out to be a dual weightlifting meet at Destin Middle School, the Destin Marlins came in second to the Ruckel Rams of Niceville, but still had a lot to be proud of. 

The Marlins set six new county records and tied two.

“Overall, we had one of the best meets in school history,” said Destin Coach Matt Cawthon.  

Destin's Gabby Kruse powers up on a clean and jerk for the Marlins.

The weightlifting competition was an invitational, but only two Okaloosa middle schools participated this year, Cawthon said. 

The Marlins had 65 athletes compete. 

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Destin’s Eli Anglin set three county records. In the 129-pound weight class, he set records with a 180-pound bench and a 180 on the clean and jerk and another for total poundage of 360.

Destin's Julio Vizcarrondo breaks the 101-pound weight class total poundage record at 255 pounds.

Maddox Hayles set a new county record in bench press with 210 pounds in the 169-weight class. 

Julio Vizcarrondo broke the county record in the 101-weight class with a total of 255 pounds for bench and clean and jerk. He also tied the county record in clean and jerk with a 130-pound lift. 

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In the girls' competition, Hayden Herndon set a county record in bench press at 140 pounds for the 199-weight class. 

Destin's Maddox Hayles powers up on the bench press while Coach Ron Griffiths cheers him on.  Hayles did 210 on the bench.

Gabby Kruse tied the county record of 140 on the bench for the 159-weight class. 

“All of our kids put in a lot of hard work and it showed in the meet. I’m very proud of all our girls and boys,” Cawthon said.