Down on the Docks along Destin harbor on Tuesday

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

With the wind blowing and the Gulf of Mexico kicking up 3- to 5-foot waves, the majority of the charter fleet that went fishing on Tuesday stayed in close and trolled for mackerel.

Here's a look at just a few of the catches that hit the racks.

Arkansas anglers on the Nothin Matters with Capt. Tyler Brielmayer pulled in a big catch of king mackerel, Spanish mackerel and bonito on Tuesday. Brielmayer said the wind was whipping about 20 miles per hour.
Anglers on the Rewind with Capt. Reid Phillips ventured out on Tuesday and pulled in mingo, triggerfish and white snapper.
A deckhand aboard the High Cotton with Capt. TJ George had his hands full cleaning up the morning's catch of king mackerel and Spanish mackerel.
North Carolina anglers aboard the Finest Kind with Capt. Jason Mikel filled the racks with king mackerel, Spanish mackerel and bonito on Tuesday.
Texas and Arkansas anglers on the Destination with Capt. Stan Phillips reeled in a blackfin tuna along with several king mackerel, Spanish mackerel and bonito on Tuesday.
South Carolina anglers on the Done Deal with Capt. Rusty Gilbert landed a big king mackerel, plus others on Tuesday.
A deckhand aboard the 100 Proof with Capt. Ben O'Connor slices up some of the king mackerel his anglers reeled in Tuesday morning.
Deckhand Jan-Michael Garcia hangs up a king mackerel on the rack of the Bow'd Up Tuesday afternoon. The group of anglers aboard spent a couple of hours fighting a shark before cutting it loose.