Championship night at the ball park in Destin

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

Coed softball tournaments wrapped up at Morgan Sports Center in Destin on Wednesday with three champions crowned winners. 


My Destin Beach Vacation came out the winner with a 16-13 victory over Renasant Bank. 

Matt Wright led the effort for My Destin with two doubles and a single. 

In the first three innings, My Destin jumped out to an 8-6 lead. In the top of the sixth, Renasant took the lead with seven runs.  

Bronze winners: My Destin Beach Vacation.

My Destin stepped up to bat in the bottom of the sixth and brought in eight runs for the win. 

Brandon Blyden hit three singles for My Destin and Todd Schrag connected for a double and two singles. 

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Top batters for Renasant were Matt Herbermann with an inside-the-park homer and a double; Shawn Woods, two doubles and a single; and Cindy Laurendi, a double and two singles. 


HarborWalk Marina defeated Fender’s Collision 22-10 in the championship game. 

Chris Poole cracked three doubles and a single for three RBIs to set the pace for HarborWalk. 

In the first inning, HarborWalk started strong and posted the 10-run limit. In the second, they picked up one more run for an 11-1 lead. 

Fenders scored five in the fourth and HarborWalk answered with three to stay on top 14-6. 

Silver winners: HarborWalk Marina.

In the sixth, Fender’s brought in four runs and then HarborWalk put the game away in the bottom half. John Buie hit a walk-off, inside-the-park grand slam to put HarborWalk up by 12 runs for a run rule on the game. 

Brian Martinez clobbered a homer and two singles for four RBIs for HarborWalk and Kortney Cooper connected for three singles. 

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Big hitters for Fender’s were Rueben Ruiz with a double and two singles for an RBI; Jordan Brewer, two singles; and Jen Bazylak, triple and a single for two RBIs. 

In the semifinals, Fender’s beat Island Time 27-12. 

Fenders started with a bang, scoring the 10-run limit in both the first and second innings for a 20-7 lead. 

Island Time picked up three runs in the third, and another three in the fourth. 

Fender’s put the game away in the top of the fifth with seven runs. 

Jen Bazylak led Fender’s with two doubles and two singles for seven RBIs. Rueben Ruiz doubled and singled for an RBI, and Laura Moseley hit three singles for three RBIs. 

Connecting for two singles each for Island Time were Cameron Gillis, Michelle Eubanks and Paige Ogden. Michael Ogden belted a home run. 


Bradley Industrial Textiles whipped Huck’s Ducks 25-13 for the title. 

Bradley jumped out to a 18-8 lead in the first three innings. In the top of the fourth, Huck’s scored five and Bradley answered with two. 

Gold winners: Bradley Industrial Textiles

In the bottom of the fifth, Bradley scored five runs for a run-ruling on the game. 

Brandon Jackson was top batter for Bradley with two homers, a double and a single for six RBIs. Michael Haynes slapped two home runs, and a double for six RBIs, and Rita Cummins connected for four singles for two RBIs. Cody Maddux also cranked out a home run. 

Tops for Huck’s were Samantha Hollekim with a triple and two singles for two RBIs; Tyler Stahlhut, double and a single; AJ Hofstadter home run and a single four RRIs; and Bran Williams, home run. 

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In the semifinals, Huck’s Ducks beat ABA Behavioral 22-17. 

Huck’s led 21-9 at the end of three. They scored their final run in top of the fifth for the win. 

Treasure Wingate led Huck’s with a triple and three singles for five RBIs. AJ Hofstadter homered and doubled for three RBIs, and Brad Perez hit two doubles and a single for two RBIs. Tyler Stahlhut knocked a homer. 

Justin Coppack batted in eight runs for ABA on a homer, double and a single. Blaine Watkins tripled, hit two doubles and a single for an RBI, and Megan Irby hit two singles.