Seahorse gets on the board in Ladies Division of the Summer Slam

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

There’s a new leader in the Ladies Division of the third annual Boathouse Summer Slam on Destin harbor. 

On Friday, Capt. Dean Cox on the Seahorse and his crew brought in a 26.4-pound red snapper to take the lead in the Ladies Division. 

This 26.4-pound red snapper was caught aboard the Seahorse and took over the lead in the Ladies Division in the Summer Slam at the Boathouse.

The Summer Slam is a 10-week boat tournament that kicked off June 1 with three eligible species: red snapper, gag grouper and amberjack. The boats are separated by federal, state and private. The tournament also has a “pounders” division in which registered boats can weigh their one-person bag limit per trip to keep a running tally of weight throughout the tournament. There also are a Ladies Division and a Juniors Division.   

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After six weeks of fishing, in the Red Snapper Division, Capt. Phillip Blackburn on the Backdown 2 leads the federal boats with a 28.6-pounder. Top state boat is Alibi with a 26.4-pounder and leading private boat is Angler with a 24.2-pounder. 

In the Gag Grouper Division, Capt. Robert Hill on the Twilight leads the federal boats with a 58.6-pounder caught on the Fourth of July. OSeaD leads the state boats with a 12.6-pounder, and Fifty Fifty is tops for the state boats with a 29.6-pounder 

The Twilight came in on the Fourth of July with a 58.6-pound gag grouper to take over first in the federal boat category of the Gag Grouper Division of the Summer Slam.

In the Ladies Division, Seahorse is first in red snapper with a 26.4-pounder and the top grouper was caught on the Twilight, a 36-pounder. 

As for the Juniors Division, the Twilight has the biggest red snapper at 20.6 pounds and the Reel Chill has the biggest grouper, 15.8 pounds. 

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In the Pounders Division, which is a running tally for the tournament, Twilight leads the federal boats with 1,708.4 pounds of fish. OSeaD tops the state boats at 526.8 pounds and Fifty Fifty is in the lead in the private boats with 315.8 pounds. 

The tournament goes through Aug. 8. The scales are open daily at the Boathouse from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.