Tournament time for Destin Coed Softball League at Morgan Sports Center

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

The Destin Coed Softball League started its end of season tournaments on Wednesday at Morgan Sports Center. 

The league is divided into Upper, Middle and Lower divisions for the double-elimination tournaments. 

In the Upper Division, iPerformance edged out Bradley Industrial Textile 21-20. 

AJ Hoffstatter of iPerformance serves up a pitch to Bradley Industrial Textile. Hoffstatter hit three home runs for nine RBIs in the 21-20 victory in the first round of tournament play.

Down 17-14 after three innings, iPerformance battled back. They scored two in the fourth and then five in the fifth to secure the win. 

AJ Hoffstatter was the big stick for iPerformance with a grand slam, plus two more home runs for a total of nine RBIs. Nick Wingate hit a home run and two singles for two RBIs, Samantha Hollekim hit three singles for an RBI, and Luke Jackson doubled and hit two singles for three RBIs. Tyler Stahlhut also belted a homer. 

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Tops for Bradley was Travis Sweeney with a homer, triple and a double for two RBIs. Bobby Griffith hit two doubles and two singles for two RBIs, Kristin Myers connected for three singles for two RBIs, and Kyle McDorman slapped a home run. 

A Bradley Industrial Textile players is out at third base, while AJ Hoffstatter signals to the umpire during a tournament game Wednesday night at Morgan Sports Center.


Exurt 13, Meraki Maulers 11 

At the end of four innings, Meraki was on top 8-7. 

In the top of the fifth, Exurt rallied for five runs and then held Meraki to two runs. 

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With the 75-minute time running out in the sixth inning, each team scored one run. 

Dakota Smith led Exurt with two homers and a double for three RBIs. Randy Rodriguez hit two singles for two RBIs, and Ron Norville doubled and singled for an RBI. 

Bobby Griffith of Bradley Industrial Textile connected for two doubles and two singles for two RBIs in the 21-20 loss to iPerformance.

Luke Unterseh slapped a home run, double and a single for four RBIs for Meraki. Michael Ogden and Michelle Eubanks each doubled and singled for two RBIs. 

Exurt 18, Renasant Bank 14 

Exurt dominated, taking a 14-1 lead in the first four innings. 

Renasant finally got in the game with seven runs in the bottom of the fourth. 

In the fifth both teams scored one. 

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In the sixth, Exurt added three runs and Renasant picked up five more runs before the final out was called. 

Wesley Josey led Exurt with a home run and two singles for two RBIs. Andy Collins hit two doubles and a single for two RBI, and Nichole Overly doubled and singled. 

Matt Campbell knocked in six runs for Renasant on a homer and a triple. Matt Herbermann doubled for two RBIs, and Kat Mortenson singled for an RBI. 


New Life Church 17, Austin Music Co. 12 

New Life took an early 7-4 lead in the first two innings and stretched it to 13-4 in the third. 

Austin battled back with eight runs in the top of the fourth, but New Life answered with four as time ran out on the game. 

Michelle Williams cracks out a triple for New Life Church. New Life beat Austin Music Co. 17-12 in tournament play.

Josh Raya led New Life with six RBIs on a homer, two doubles and a single. Matt Raya tripled, doubled and singled, and Michelle Williams smacked a triple for an RBI. 

Eric Sexton hit three singles for an RBI for Austin. Sam Jorrisen hit two singles for an RBI and Jax Powell tripled for an RBI. 

Fenders Collision 24, New Life Church 9 

Fenders dominated, scoring the 10-run limit in the top of the first and then another nine runs in the second. 

A member of the New Life Church softball team rounds third and heads for home in the final inning against Austin Music Co. New Life won the game 17-12.

Dalton Allen led the Fenders effort with a homer, double and a single for seven RBIs. Brad DesGranges tripled and hit two singles, and Lynda Tanner hit three singles for three RBIs. 

Josh Raya cranked out a home run and two singles for two RBIs for New Life. Matt Raya doubled and hit two singles for two RBIs, and John Wells tripled and hit two singles for two RBIs. 

Members of the New Life Church team and Austin Music Co. congratulate one another on a game well played.

There are no games scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving. Tournament play will resume on Dec. 1 at Morgan Sports Center.