Renasant Bank cashes in for win over Meraki Maulers in coed softball league

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

Matt Herbermann connected for four hits to lead Renasant Bank in an 11-6 win over Meraki Maulers in the city of Destin’s Coed Softball League Lower Division action at Morgan Sports Center. 

Herbermann hit a double and three singles for two RBIs. 

After four innings, Renasant was on top 10-4. Renasant went on to score one in the sixth and Meraki scored two last runs in the top of the seventh. 

Shardae Hernandez doubled and hit two singles for Bruner Law Firm. Bruner lost 27-18 to iPerformance in coed softball action.

Brandon Patzig doubled and hit two singles for an RBI for Renasant, Matt Campbell clobbered a home run and Cindy Laurendi singled. 

Spencer Phillips led Meraki with four singles. Rae Richardson doubled and hit two singles, Cam Gillis hit two singles for two RBIs, and Luke Unterseh homered. 

Fenders Collision 19, New Life Church 11 

Fenders jumped out to a 19-2 lead in the first three innings. New Life picked up four runs in the fourth and then added five more in the fifth as time ran out on the game. 

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Dalton Allen was the big stick for Fenders with two grand slams and a double for a total of nine RBIs. Ruben Ruiz doubled and hit two singles for four RBIs; Davey Bazylak, two doubles and a single for three RBIs; and Aubrey Claxton, two singles. 

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Josh Raya was tops for New Life with two triples, a double and a single for three RBIs. Matt Raya hit two doubles and two singles for three RBIs, and George Provenzano singled. 

Exurt 24, Austin Music Co. 8 

Exurt dominated from the start, stepping out to a 11-0 lead in the first two innings. Exurt went on to score seven in the third and six in the fourth. 

Austin’s big inning was the third with five runs. 

Dakota Smith knocked in five runs for Exurt on a grand slam and a single. Randy Rodriguez doubled and singled, and Ron Norville connected for two singles. 

JJ Higgins hit a three-run homer for Austin and a single. James Higgins doubled and singled, and Morgan Higgins singled. 


Bradley Industrial Textile 20, iPerformance 19 

Bradley started strong scoring the 10-run limit in the first inning. By the end of the third inning however, the game was tied at 15-15 and then 16-16 at the end of four. 

In the fifth inning, iPerformance scored three in the top and Bradley took the win in the bottom half with a walk-off homer from Travis Sweeney. 

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Sweeney led Bradley with a homer and two singles for three RBIs. Ruby Davis doubled and hit two singles for two RBIs, and Kyle McDorman tripled and hit two singles for two RBIs. 

AJ Hoffstatter cranked out two homers and two doubles for five RBIs for iPerformance. Tyler Stahlhut clobbered a homer, double and a single for four RBIs, and Della Frey doubled and hit two singles for an RBI. Coby Aguilar also connected for a home run. 

Bradley Industrial Textile 13, Bruner Law First 12 

Down 8-4 after two, Bradley put nine on the board in the third and then held on for the win. 

Cody Maddux led Bradley with a double and two singles for two RBIs. Travis Sweeney hit three singles for two RBIs, and Ruby Davis doubled for two RBIs. 

Josh Snyder led Bruner with a homer, triple and a single for three RBIs. Tiffany Werner doubled and singled for two RBIs, and Jason Little slapped a homer and a double for an RBI. AJ Hoffstatter belted two homers and Luke Jackson, one. 

iPerformance 27, Bruner Law First 18 

The first inning was close with iPerformance up by one run. In the second, iPerformance exploded for the 10-run limit and a 17-10 advantage. 

IPerformance went on to score five in the third and five in the fourth for the win. 

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Tyler Stahlhut cranked out two homers, a triple, double and a single for four RBIs for iPerformance. AJ Hoffstatter slapped three homers and two singles for nine RBIs, and Sam Hollikim doubled and hit two singles for three RBIs. 

Cody Maddux banged out a home run and three doubles for Bruner for two RBIs. Jason Little hit a homer and two singles for four RBIs, and Shardae Hernandez doubled and hit two singles for two RBIs.