Kuntry Lizards pull off eighth inning victory over Bad Axes in coed softball

Tina Harbuck
The Destin Log

With runners on, and one out, Dustin Gess of Kuntry Lizards ripped one to right center to bring in two runs for a 13-12 victory over Bad Axes in the city of Destin’s Coed Softball League at Morgan Sports Center. 

For the game, Gess had three singles for two RBIs.  

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Kuntry Lizards led 6-4 at the end of two and then 8-5 at the end of three. In the top of the fourth, Bad Axes evened the score with three runs. 

In the fifth, both teams scored two runs to keep the game even. Neither team scored in the sixth or seventh inning, forcing the game into extra innings. 

Dustin Gess, who pitched for Kuntry Lizards, knocked in the go-ahead run in the bottom of the eighth for the win over Bad Axes.

In the top of the eighth, Bad Axes put two runs on the board, but then Kuntry Lizards pulled it out in the bottom half with three runs and Gess knocking in the last two. 

Alex Santana had three singles for two RBIs for Lizards and Paige Ogden connected for two singles. 

Luke Unterseh led Bad Axes with a triple, double and two singles for two RBIs. Madison Phillips doubled and hit two singles for an RBI, and Gabe Acosta tripled and singled. 

Renasant Bank 20, Bruner Law Firm 11 

After a scoreless first inning, Renasant exploded in the second for the 10-run limit. 

Bruner got seven runs back in the bottom of the third. 

Renasant stayed on top throughout with four runs in the fourth, two in the fifth and four in the sixth. Bruner put up one run in the fifth and three in the sixth.  

Brandon Patzig knocked in seven RBIs for Renasant Bank in their 25-20 loss to Bradley Industrial Textile. Patzig unloads on the ball for one of his two home runs against Bradley. He also had three singles.

Brandon Patzig was top batter for Renasant with two homers, a triple and a double for four RBIs. Tabitha Taylor tripled and doubled for two RBIs and Todd Preston tripled and doubled for an RBI. 

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Amber DeStaven led Bruner with five singles for two RBIs. Josh Snyder hit two doubles and two singles for an RBI and Jason Little belted a home run and two singles for four RBIs. 

Bradley Industrial Textile 24, Bad Axes 18 

Bradley jumped out to a 13-7 lead in the first two innings and led throughout. They scored four in the third, three in the fourth and then finished up with four in the sixth. 

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Anthony Bartolo led Bradley with two doubles and a single for four RBIs. Bobby Griffith doubled and hit two singles for two RBIs, and Kristen Meyers hit two singles for an RBI. AJ Hoffstatter clobbered a home run. 

Madison Phillips rounds first for Bad Axes in their game against Kuntry Lizards. She hit a double and two singles in the extra-inning loss.

Gabe Acosta ripped two doubles and a single for an RBI for Bad Axes. Heather Davis tripled and hit two singles for three RBIs and Rae Richardson connected for two singles for an RBI. 

Bradley Industrial Textile 25, Renasant Bank 20 

At the end of three innings, Bradley led 14-7. By the end of five, Bradley was on top 25-17. 

With the 75-minute time limit running out, Renasant scored three last runs in the top of the sixth. 

Big hitters for Bradley were Nick Wingate and Anthony Bartolo, each with a homer, double and two singles for three RBIs. AJ Hoffstatter smacked two home runs. 

Brandon Patzig knocked in seven runs for Renasant on two homers and three singles. Todd Preston hit two doubles and two singles for two RBIs. Michaela Brocata doubled and hit three singles for an RBI. 

Ocean’s Church 13, Fenders Collision 5 

Ocean led 10-5 at the end of three and then scored three more in the fourth for the win. 

No top batters were listed. 

Aire Serve 25, Pitch Slapped 20 

No other information was provided.