CHARTERED WATERS — Your guide to the largest charter fishing fleet in the state

The One Of A Kind comes in Thursday from a day of fishing. The One Of A Kind can be found at HarborWalk Marina.

The boardwalk is not the only thing new along the harbor in Destin.

There are few new charter boats in the slips like Fish-In-Daze, Gulf Spirit, Screamn Drag, Star Fire, Vengeance and Winter Wine to name a few.

In addition to new boats, some captains have changed boats or locations. But others are docked right where they have always been.

If you can recall the name of your boat or captain, here’s a list to help find them. Starting at the Marler Bridge and moving eastward:

HarborWalk Marina

Anastasia, Capt. Tony Davis.

Backcountry Outfitters, Capt. Cody Gray.

Barracuda, Capt. Jason Steele.

Checkmate 2, Capt. George Eller.

Cutting Edge, Capt. Steve Regan.

Destin Bay Charters, Capt. Brandon Wright.

Finest Kind, Capt. Tommy Browning/Capt. Dennis Kendrick.

Glory, Capt. Michael Waite.

Gulf Ranger, Capt. David Nettles.

Indian Outlaw, Capt. Buddy Godwin.

Just B Cause, Capt. Ken Bolden.

JustinTime, Capt. Chip Godwin.

Kelly Girl, Capt. Jimmy Miles.

Knight Rider, Capt. Mike Knight.

Lil’ Stasia, Capt. David Sherman.

Mary Lou, Capt. Craig Mann.

Miss Nautica, Capt. Art Smith/Capt. Randy Hanshaw.

Miss Sandy, Capt. Paul Veilleux.

One Of A Kind, Capt. Casey Godwin.

Perfect Shot, Capt. Brady Bowman.

Phoenix, Capt. Capt. Scott Robson.

Rodeo Joe, Capt. Joe Lowery.

Sea Venture, Capt. Jim McMahon.

Screamn Drag, Capt. Bryan Kelley.

Special K, Capt. Andy Vaughn.

Star Fire, Capt. Johnny Geisbrook.

Stress Relief II, Capt. Scott Robinson.

Swoop, Capt. Mark Tilden.

Swoop II, Capt. Matt Wheeler.

Winter Wine, Capt. Billy Teems.

Olin Marler Charter Boats

Gentle Winds, Capt. Greg Marler.

Gulf Breeze, Capt. Tommy Klosterman.

Gulf Winds, Capt. Nicky Harvell.

AJ’s Harbor  Cove Charters

Cover Girl, Capt. David (Catfish) Knight.

Huntress, Capt. Mike Graef.

New Florida Girl, Capt. Jim Westbrook.

New Florida Girl’s American Spirit, Capt. Jim Green.

Silver Lining, Capt. Ed Shields.

Suzie Q, Capt. Jason Hindman.

Docked east of Galati’s

Shock’n Yall, Capt. Neill Finkel.

Vixen, Capt. Neill Finkel.

Behind Dewey Destin on the harbor

Inshore Angler — three boats, five captains — Capt. Daniel Pike, Capt. Robert Michelson, Capt. Justin Brantley, Capt. Jordan Whiteman, and Capt. J.J. Botelho.

Fishing Fleet Marina

Al-Lin, Capt. Harold Staples/Capt. Alan Staples

Backbay Anglers, Capt. Scott Robson/Capt. Lance Rezmer.

Backdown 2, Capt. Gary Jarvis.

Backlash, Capt. Jason Mikel.

Blue Runner II, Capt. Tommy Carter.

Capt. Ronald G, Capt. John Gibson.

Daybreak, Capt. Eric Thrasher.

Destin Princess, Capt. Reid Phillips.

Destiny, Capt. Chris McConnell.

Extasea, Capt. Shawn Dahnke.

First Light, Capt. Steve Haeusler.

Fish-N-Fool, Capt. Casey Weldon.

Full Draw, Capt. Justin Destin.

Indemand, Capt. David Gates.

Little Nemo, Capt. Jim Evans.

Locked Up, Capt. Ben O’Connor.

Locked Up II, Capt. Steve Brown.

Lucky Lina, Capt. Steven Lathi.

Miss Hazel, Capt. Bill Williams.

Mother Lode, Capt. B.J. Teems.

No Alibi, Capt. Chuck Turbanic.

Outta Line, Capt. Trey Windes.

Reel Deal, Capt. Steve Pixley.

Seascape, Capt. David Windes/Capt. Ricky Hayles.

Sea Winder, Capt. Stan Phillips.

SS Enterprise, Capt. Kirk Reynolds.

Strike Zone, Capt. Phil Hessinius.

Sunrise, Capt. Kelly Windes.

Sure Lure, Capt. Don Dineen.

Sure Thing, Capt. Rocky Griffith.

Sweet Jody, Capt. Cliff Cox.

Sweet William III, Capt. Bill Watson.

Twilight, Capt. Robert Hill.

Un Reel, Capt. Harold Loeffler/Capt. Phillip Blackburn.

Vengeance, Capt. Jason Hallmark.

Windwalker II, Capt. Bernie LeFebvre.

East Pass Marina

Back Atcha, Capt. Tres Peerson.

Carmella Rose, Capt. Clifton Cox.

Dawn Patrol, Capt. John Tenore.

Dawn Patrol Too, Capt. Chris Akers.

Desperado, Capt. Hal Aiken.

Don’t Let Go, Capt. Paul Steffler.

Double Time, Capt. Tim Adams.

Fish-In-Daze, Capt. Robert Broestler.

Gulf Spirit, Capt. Rodney Souza.

Only Way, Capt. Curt Gwin Jr.

Shamrock II, Capt. Eddie Dykes.

Silver King, Capt. Mike Parker.

Docked east of Boathouse Oyster Bar

Big John, Capt. Todd Allen.

Lil’ John, Capt. Chris Schofield.

Miss Aegina, Capt. Robert Hanshaw.

One Mo’R, Capt. Chris Schofield.

Relentless, Capt. Brant Kelly.

Heron Harbor

Anticipation, Capt. Bo Foster.

Blessed Adventure, Capt. David Dewberry.

First Shot, Capt. Mike Dates.

Good Times, Capt. Mark Mueller.

Just Right, Capt. Robert Davis.

Mindy Lou II, Capt. Bill McDonald.

Pescador III, Capt. Mike Whitley.

The Answer II, Capt. John Everest.

Behind Marina Cafe

Bounty Hunter, Capt. Mark Walker.

Behind Harbor Docks

Lady Em, Capt. Mike Eller.

Fishing is tops in Destin and we’ve got the boats to prove it.