RODEO WRAPPING UP — A handful of heavyweights have withstood the test of time

Jean Pagart (Olive Oyl) of Destin caught this 6.2-pound Spanish mackerel on the Kelly Girl with Capt. Jimmy Miles (Popeye). The Spanish mackerel is currently in first place in the Inshore Division. Expect plenty more costumes on the docks as Halloween day marks the close of the 64th Destin Fishing Rodeo.

With the wind blowing up 5- to 6-footers the last three days only two fish have broke onto the leaderboard of the Destin Fishing Rodeo, however, a dozen are still holding from the first three days of the month long tournament.

The two latest fish to make it onto the leaderboard were both caught on Saturday.

Olive Oyl, better known around town as Jean Pagart, caught a 6.2-pound Spanish mackerel while fishing on the Kelly Girl with Popeye, or better yet, Capt. Jimmy Miles. The crew aboard the Kelly Girl was already getting into the Halloween spirit Saturday and dressed up like the cartoon characters.

Pagart’s catch took over the top spot in the Inshore Division.

The other fish to get on the leaderboard Saturday was rodeo regular Lee Rogers of Freeport on the Southern Charm with an 83.6-pound shark.


The last few days have been cold and windy and only a few boats have made it out.

Seth Meashey and crew on the Tunnel Vision went out Sunday and were fishing about 14 miles out. “It was solid 6- to 8-footers,” he said. But they did manage to bring in a daily amberjack at 29.8 pounds.

Capt. Cliff Cox on the Sweet Jody party boat was one of just a couple of boats that went out Monday.

“It was really windy and choppy,” Cox said. They were fishing about 7-to 8-miles off the beach and were running against 5-foot waves. “It was a handful …”

They still got on the daily board with three fish, a 1.8-pound mingo caught by Robert Moore; a 5.4-pound red grouper and 5.2-poung grouper, both caught by Ian Richards of Mary Esther.

Although those catches didn’t make it onto the big board, there are 12 that are holding from the first three days of the rodeo. Of course the first fish will forever be the first fish. Patti Cox on the Don’t Hate with Capt. Scott Whitehurst pulled in a 4-pound speckled trout for the first fish honors.

The only fish from Day 2 that is still on the board is a 10-pound black snapper caught by Randal May on the Mother Lode with Capt. B.J. Teems. His catch is in second place.

Day 3 was when the dam broke loose and more than 130-fish hit the docks. Well 10 of those fish that made it up on to the board that day are still holding.

The Intracoastal Experience came in with a first and second place Jack Crevalle that is still up there on the board. Steven Burroughs is in first place in the Inshore Division with a 29.4-pound Jack Crevalle and Trenny Woodham is in second with a 27.6-pounder.

One of the bigger fish of the day was a 59.8-pound wahoo caught by Jason Rogers on the The Great Escape. His catch is still in second place in the Offshore Division.

Rogers is also holding down first place in the Private Boat Division with a 22.2-pound blackfin tuna.

The private boat Cari Lynd with Capt. Darryl Carpenter came in with a 50.4-pound grouper caught by Robert Sconiers that is still in second place.

In the 25-and under Private Boat Division, Destin’s Robert Ratcliff is still in first place with a 39.6-pound king mackerel caught on the White Cap.

In the Party Boat Division, Daniel Martin’s 4.2-pound mingo caught on the Destin Princess is still in second place; and Sharon Braddy’s 15.2-pound red grouper caught on the Sweet Jody is holding down first place.

As for junior anglers, there are still two holding on the board and both were fishing with Capt. Mike Graef on the Huntress. William

Sykes pulled in a 24-pound blackfin tuna for first, and Dalton Eads a 21.2-pounder for second.

Today is the last chance to break on to the leaderboard, hop on a boat and drop a line.

See you at the docks.