Cobia, Spanish and sharks — oh my!

Jake Groesch, left, and Jordan Brenton, both of Atlanta, show off a couple of Atlantic Sharpnose shark they caught on the Kelly Girl Wednesday afternoon.

From sharp tooth sharks to fat slob cobia, there was a lot of activity on the docks Wednesday afternoon, before the clouds rolled in Thursday.

Capt. Greg Marler on the Gentle Winds backed in Wednesday with a pile of mingo, white snapper, amberine and bluefish. They also wowed the crowd with a 100-plus pound blacktip shark. Nothing draws a crowd on the docks like a shark. People started drawing in closer to get a good look and some even ventured up and touched it. This particular shark felt a little like sandpaper.

Nine-year-old Kenzi Adkisson, with a little help, pulled in the shark in about 15 minutes.

However, this wasn't the only shark the crew aboard the Gentle Winds saw on their six-hour trip.

"I bet we broke off about 20 sharks," Capt. Marler said. "And we got about a dozen to the boat," before they turned them loose.

Not long after, the KellyGirl with Capt. Jimmy Miles at the helm, backed in with a couple of smaller shark. They had two Atlantic Sharpnose shark, which do not get very big. Average size is about two-feet long. Jake Groesch and Jordan Brenton, both of Atlanta, were the anglers on the rod that reeled in those two shark.

While checking out the catch on the Kelly Girl, Capt. Allen Staples on the Al-Lin passed by. When I threw up arms in question, Capt. Staples sitting at the helm held up two fingers.

And when it's this time of year — in the middle of the cobia run — it's pretty safe to assume two fingers meant two cobia.

Sure enough, Capt. Staples and his crew from Dothan, Ala., and Chicago had two cobia. One weighed in at about 40 pounds and the other at 50.

"We caught them down by Henderson Beach," Staples said. He said they caught them about 10 minutes apart, one on a jig and the other on an eel.

"We were catching Spanish, then we started seeing some cobia ... so we reeled in the gear," Staples said.

In addition to seeing four cobia and landing two, they pulled in 40 Spanish mackerel trolling spoons.

The party boat Destin Princess with Capt. Reid Phillips backed in with several mingo, white snapper, amberine and one triggerfish.

Capt. Andy Vaughn on the Special K and crew pulled in a few Spanish mackerel.

Destin's Larry Wayne Henley landed about a 60-pound cobia fishing onDestin Bay Charters with Capt. Brandon Wright. They also pulled in a 30-pounder.

"We caught them on an eel ... down east," Wright said. "It was very dumb. Took the bait right a way." Twenty minutes later the cobia was in the boat. Jeff Elder pulled in the smaller one.

Fishing is good with Spanish and cobia in close and bottom fish a little further out — just don't miss the boat.

See you at the docks.