King of king mackerels?

Nick Hunter pulls a king mackerel out of the box Wednesday morning.

Look deep in the water. It's a shark. It's a barracuda ... no it's a king mackerel.

Capt. Nick Hunter and Capt. Shawn Dahnke aboard the Extasea hauled in a 46.9-pound king mackerel Wednesday morning.

The two were in search of cobia when they spotted something deep in the water right off the east jetty on the bar.

"At first we thought it was a shark, but when it came around the side of the boat it looked like a 'cuda," Hunter said. "But once it ate ... it was on."

Not anticipating a king mackerel on the outing, they had a live eel in the bucket and a cobia jig.

Hunter picked up the rod with the squid head cobia jig and threw at the fish.

"He slammed it," Hunter said.

"Oh my god, Nick was freaking out," Dahnke said.

The king just sat there a second, then went running straight out, Hunter said, taking out about 100 feet of line.

"It would take line and give a little," Hunter said.

After about a five minute fight, the king mackerel was in the boat.

They looked a little longer for cobia, but saw nothing.

The king mackerel is described as a medium-sized fish, typicall weighing between five and 30 pounds. However, macs are known to exceed 90 pounds.

"This is the biggest one I've ever caught," Hunter said of the mackerel.

After weighing the fish at the scales at HarborWalk Marina, he hauled the fish back to the boat.

Next stop for the fish ... the smoker, Hunter said.