‘Pandemonium broke out:’ Cobia still running

Mike and Chris Raim, along with friends, pulled in this good catch of cobia on the EYEced'EM earlier this week.

Just when all the cobia tournaments have wrapped up, the ling is still the big thing.

Here's a little vignette from local angler, longtime Destinite and eye doctor Mike Raim about an outing he took early this week.


"Someone said that May 15th was past the cobia catching time. This morning, the weather was so beautiful that we had to go … even if it was only for a ‘boat ride.’ ”

As we crossed a tidal rip with a color of the Bahamas before us, we spotted manta ray packing at least a dozen 'flat heads', lemon fish, or just cobia. Pandemonium broke out.

Three fish were effectively hooked up one going left, one to the right and the last under the boat. I moved from the tower to the console to better ‘manage’ this fire drill.

Next, I had suddenly gaffed and stacked three fish into the transom area, soon to be anesthetized by me with the cobia billy (club) — all within about two minutes. Thank you auto-pilot for the help while the crew attempted additional hookups.  I then moved back to the tower and am afforded the opportunity to present and hook my largest fish of the season. 

It too is iced and placed in the fish box. Thus, the name of our boat, EYEced'Em ("Iced Them.")  And someone said cobia season was over...."