Back in blacktip - ‘I was one whipped puppy when I finally got it in’

Dan Slagle of Georgia fought this blacktip shark for about 45 minutes.

Nothing turns a head on the docks like a shark.

Such was the case at Fishing Fleet Marina Thursday afternoon when Dan Slagle of Macon, Ga., hauled in a 75-pound blacktip shark on the Un Reel with Capt. Phillip Blackburn.

"It was tough reeling it in," Slagle said. "It took out a lot of line."

Capt. Blackburn said they were trolling for king mackerel in close when the shark latched on to the lure.

"I just kept reeling and reeling," Slagle said.

"We got it to the boat one time, and then he just dove down," Slagle said, before they could get a gaff in him.

After about 45 minutes of tugging and reeling, Slagle managed to get the shark back up to the boat where they were able to stick it and get it over the side.

This was a pretty big shark for a blacktip. According to the Sport Fish of the Gulf of Mexico book, common size for a blacktip is 5-30 pounds and it seldom reaches 100 pounds, but has been reported at 200 or more pounds.

Either way, the one caught by Slagle and hanging on the racks behind the Un Reel was a real crowd pleaser. People gawked as they walked by, some even stopped to touch.

As for Slagle he was just glad it was on the docks.

"I was one whipped puppy when I finally got it in," he said.