Fish Flash: Fishing good between the showers (Photos)

Tina Harbuck
John Butcher of Allen, Texas, shows off a red grouper he caught Wednesday while fishing on the Twilight with Capt. Robert Hill.

With threats of rain the last couple of days, boats have still managed to venture out for some good catches.

Texas and Missouri anglers on the Winter Wine with Capt. Billy Teems brought in a good catch of mingo, white snapper, triggerfish and lane snapper.

"We know where some grouper live too," said Capt. Teems. "We broke off a few."

Chicago and Texas anglers on the Stress Relief with Capt. Scott Robinson came in from a five-hour trip with a king mackerel, scamp and a limit of mingo.

Capt. Steve Hauesler and crew aboard the First Light came in with a rack full of mingo, white snapper and triggerfish.

"Fishing was awesome!" said Capt. Casey Weldon on the Fish-N-Fool. "There was a little bit of a ground swell," he said. But it didn't slow his group down. They managed to land triggerfish, mingo and what Capt. Weldon called the "elusive white snapper."

Tennessee, Texas and Ohio anglers on the Al-Lin with Capt. Harold Staples came in with a catch of triggerfish, a big black snapper, mingo and white snapper.

Birmingham anglers on the Sunrise with Capt. Kelly Windes filled the racks with king mackerel.

Capt. Robert Hill of the Twilight and his group from Texas brought in a smorgasbord of fish. They had 20 mingo, red grouper, scamp and three triggerfish.

Indiana anglers aboard the 100 Proof with Capt. Nick Hunter filled the board with some big mingo, white snapper and a lane snapper. Hunter said they also hooked and released a 150-pound shark.

"We had to pull all the lines in" while the angler had the shark on. It took about 20 minutes to get it to the boat before they released it.

Capt. Steve Regan on the Cutting Edge and crew pulled in a black snapper, four barracuda and a couple of amberjack.

Mingo and white snapper, along with a king mackerel hung on the rack behind the Checkmate 2 with Capt. George Eller at the helm.

The crew aboard the Miss Nautica with Capt. Randy Hanshaw came in with mingo, white snapper, triggerfish and lane snapper.

Ohio, Mississippi and Alabama anglers on the Kelly Girl with Capt. Jimmy Miles brought in a nice catch of triggerfish, mingo and white snapper.

Don't let the rain scare you away, fishing is still good.

See you at the docks.