Big Mac Attack - Rogers family reels in killer kings to win Big Mac Classic

Standing with the 42.4-pounder caught on the Southern Charm is the crew from left Wyatt Glenn, Lee Rogers, Trent, Allie and Richard Rogers. Wyatt was the angler who hauled in the big mac for top honors in the Big Mac Classic Fishing Tournament over the weekend.

Not one, not two, but four big king mackerel were pulled in by the Rogers family aboard the Southern Charm to take top honors in Big Mac Classic Fishing Tournament held on the docks behind AJ's Seafood and Oyster Bar over the weekend.

Richard and Lee Rogers of Freeport and their kids hit it big in the two-day tournament taking home more than $6,000 in prize money.

"Even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then," Richard said.

Wyatt Glenn, 11, Richard's stepson, landed a 42.4-pounder for first place overall, while Ailee Rogers, 13, pulled in a 31.2-pounder for first place in the ladies division. Lee reeled in a 23.4-pound king on day one of the tournament for second place in the ladies division, while 15-year-old Trent Rogers came in third overall with a 32.4-pounder.

"We fished both days," Richard said, noting they fished the event two years ago and only brought in one king to weigh, a 22 pounder.

However, this year, they were in the right spot at the right time — both days.

On Saturday, Trent pulled in a 22 pounder and the 32.4-pounder, while Lee caught her 23.4-pounder.

"After we caught that big one, there wasn't no way you could talk me into going no where else," Richard said.

Sunday they headed back to the same area, about 3 miles off the beach, and landed two more, the 31.2-pounder and 42.4-pound king.

And of course the big fish was the last of the morning.

Wyatt caught the humongous king on a threadfin herring.

"He fought hard," Richard said. The 11-year-old reeled on the fish for more than 10 minutes before he got it to the boat.

"I just tried to stay on top of them," Richard said, making it easy for the kids to pull in the fish.

"We catch a lot of kings, but this was my biggest one," Richard said. "And it was the biggest fish he's ever caught."

All three of the kids aboard the boat weighed in fish weighing more than 30 pounds.

"Everything just fell into place," Richard said.