Another youngster hooked on the Rodeo - 4-year-old does cartwheels after catch

With fish in hand, Jackson Price shows his fish to a person in the crowd at the rodeo.

At 4 years old, Jackson Price is already becoming a "rodeo regular."

During the first week of the 65th annual Destin Fishing Rodeo the local youngster brought down a fish to Weighmaster Bruce Cheves.

After Cheves announced that his catch weighed a pound, and he had his photo taken with Miss Destin Caroline Oswalt, the youngster was handed his free rod and reel. One would have thought the kid had just won the Daytona 500 as he hoisted his new rod and reel in the air like a trophy. Jackson put on quite the show dancing around on the deck as the crowd went wild.

Since that first entry, Jackson has been back a couple of times to weigh fish.

Earlier this week, Jackson came walking up holding a black snapper in his hands for Cheves to weigh.

Cheves put the fish on the scales and explained to Jackson that he would get a certificate for his catch but not another rod and reel. He was fine with that and proceeded to do cart wheels of excitement after having his photo taken with Miss Destin and his catch.

Once he calmed down a bit, Jackson turned and looked at his dad and asked, "Did I get on the big board this time?"

"Not yet," his dad replied.

At that point, with a little lobbying from AJ's Seafood & Oyster Bar's Tracy McCraw, a decision was made to make a spot for the young'n on the big leaderboard.

In an empty space near one of the sponsor names on the board, Miss Destin wrote his name and the weight of his catch on the board.

A big smile spread across Jackson's face as he watched Miss Destin write his name on the board.

Seconds later, Jackson was on the docks taking his fish out of his bucket and showing it off and telling tales.

Another fisherman is born and appears to be hooked on rodeo fishing.