Welcome doormats - Flounder fishing is the hot ticket for autumn anglers

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The Destin Log
Zach Thrasher lines up the many flounder they brought in Wednesday aboard the Game On.

Need a doormat?

From what's been showing up on the docks the last few days, there are plenty of "doormats" or flounder to be had right out front.

In the last few days some of our local anglers have been reeling in the flat fish, by the dozens. Not all are "doormat" size but they do measure up just right.

Flounder have to be 12 inches to keep and anglers can keep 10 per person.

The hot spot is right out front near the Bridge Rubble. Not sure how many are left, with all the ones I've seen on the docks and via Facebook.

Capt. Caleb Brown on the 100 Proof went out Tuesday afternoon and brought back about 30 flounder. Capt. Chris Kirby loaded up on them Tuesday as well.

Wednesday, Capt. Eric Thrasher along with family and friends went out aboard the Game On and pulled in 38 flounder.

Using light tackle with cigar minnows and pinfish for bait, they got the job done.

Katie Thrasher said she had a good time using the light tackle as opposed to the big rod and reels usually found on the charter boats for grouper and amberjack.

Capt. Ben O'Connor left out around 2 o'clock on the Locked Up II Wednesday and was back before dark with a big display of flounder.

Although the flounder bite is hot right now, it’s not the only fish out there.

The party boat Destiny, with Capt. Chris McConnell at the helm, took out a group of folk’s bottom fishing on Wednesday.

"It was rough this morning with that Northeaster dying out," McConnell said. "But it was nice coming home."

Fishing about 20 miles out, the group brought in a few nice stringers filled with mingo and white snapper.

"This was my first time on this boat," said Mark Masingill of Tennessee. "It was a beautiful day. The fishing was a little slow but we had a good time. I'll be back," he said, while holding his stringer of fish to be filleted.

For John Feely and his son Dennis of Houston, Texas, it wasn't their first time to fish out of Destin, but it was their first in a long-time. John said they used to come often in the summer.

"It was a good ride, good crew and good captain," John said. "I'd recommend them to anybody. It was really relaxing."

Fishing is still happening in Destin, whether it's in close for flounder or off the bottom for mingo. Come on down and book a boat.

See you at the docks.