Wally willing and able - Snowbird still fishing Destin at 90

Wally Miller, 90, shows off one of the red snapper and grouper he caught Wednesday while fishing on the Sweet Jody with Capt. Cliff Cox.

"We got 'em" said 90-year-old Wally Miller of Minnesota. A big smile spread across his face as he stepped off the party boat Sweet Jody Wednesday afternoon on the Destin docks.

"We got a lot of big fish," Miller said. And he wasn't kidding as he showed off a pair of big red snapper (about 12 - to 15-pounds each) and a gag grouper that he reeled in while fishing with Capt. Cliff Cox.

"He's been fishing with me since 1990," said Cox.

Sporting his cap and a small jacket, the snowbird, wasn't bothered by the 30 and 40 degree temps on Wednesday while fishing on the Gulf.

"I live on a lake back home," he said, noting he loves to fish.

However, Miller was quick to add "There’s not many fish in it."

Not true of the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to his snapper and grouper, he also pulled in a few mingo.

Miller was back on the boat Thursday and again pulled in his limit of snapper.

“They’re not as big as yesterday, but I got all you can take,” he said.

At his age, he was just happy to go.

“I think it helps me … it keeps you moving,” Miller said. “And at the end of the day you know you’re tired.”

But he’s never too tired to lend a helping hand in cleaning up the boat.

While some of the deckhands are cleaning fish, Miller picks up the paper towels and Windex and starts cleaning the windows.

“He’s just like family,” said deckhand Clifton Cox. “We can’t stop him!”