BRING A LING - Cobia won’t come calling until water warms up


When the calendar rolls over to March each year, anglers along the Gulf Coast champ at the bit to get on the water and catch that first cobia of the season.

So far there's just a lot of talk and  photos of past catches going around on Facebook, but nobody is really in the hunt as of yet.

"The water temperature is still too low," said Capt. Chris Wagner of the Full Pull. "It's not worth it yet. It's just been too cold. It has to get warmer."

Wagner along with Capt. Andy Block and crew have brought in the first cobia of the season more than 10 times over the years.

Last year they were snaked by Capt. Will Coker and Tyler McMahn on the Blind Faith. The two buddies hooked the first ling of the season, a 44.4-pounder, on March 19.

"It won't be long," Coker said. "I'd say we are at least two weeks out, we need a good stretch of nights where the low is in the 60s so the water can warm up."

Right now the water temperature is about 57 degrees.

"There's probably some cobia out there, but they are probably a mile or two out," Wagner said, noting they need some warmer water to get them up on the beach.

"Normally we're not going to catch one until it gets to about 62 or 63 degrees," Wagner said. "There's not enough enticement to get out there yet.”

In year’s past, the earliest the Full Pull crew has seen a cobia was the last day of February; they caught one as early as March 1.

While it's looking like it’s going to be a late season, experts say don’t fret.

"When you see all the bikinis on the beach … we'll be cobia fishing," Wagner said.