All snapped up

Special to The Log
David and Heather Rone show off a 30.4-pound red snapper caught during the nine-day season.

There's nothing like a good fish story.

Local angler David Rone, along with friends and family went out last Friday and pulled in some mighty big red snapper.

Here's Rone's fish tale from the outing.

"We caught a really large red snapper, 30.4 pounds as weighed on the scales at Harborwalk, on Friday, 6 June 2014. 

"When the angler (David Rone) first hooked the fish, he tried to hand it off to his daughter, Heather Rone, to reel up as Heather had never been fishing for red snapper with her dad and their close family friend/boat owner-captain Robin Jacobs. The hand-off lasted about five seconds until the big snapper realized it was hooked and made a hard retreat. At Heather's pleading, dad (David) took the rod back and about 10-15 minutes later the fish was on board. 

"The day also yielded an 18.5-pound red snapper, a 17-pound red snapper, and one smaller red snapper with a red grouper as a bonus. The day fishing was halted prematurely, however, as the shifter cable on the outboard engine failed while backing up on a spot. Fortunately, we were able detach the shift cable from the motor, manually shift it to neutral to restart the engine, and manually shift it to forward for the 20-something mile (you know fishermen, never specific) trek back to the pass.

"Roughly two years ago (July 2012) when we landed a 28-pound red snapper we believed it would probably be the biggest red snapper we'd ever see again, much less put in the boat. After the 2013 Destin Fishing Rodeo, we discussed that our good luck in weighing in the winning first and second place red snapper in the Under 25 feet-Private boat division would quite possibly be the last time we could weigh in a red snapper during the Fishing Rodeo. As it seems our good fortune with the red snapper continues, we may just have to keep a more open mind..."