Girls get it done on the docks

Taylor Theus of Georgia holds up her 50-pound king mackerel caught aboard the Phoenix with Capt. Scott Robson.

Move over guys, and make way for the girls.

Not one, but at least three girls managed to pull in the biggest haul on their charter fishing trips Wednesday — from mackerel, barracuda to red snapper.

First-time deep sea fisherwoman, Taylor Theus, hauled in a 50-pound king mackerel, the largest on the charter boat PhoenixWednesday.

"I guess I just got lucky," said the 23-year-old from Georgia who was fishing along with her dad Tony.

"No help … I cut the strings," Tony said noting he wanted her to fight the fish on her own. "It probably took her 20 minutes to get it in."

Capt. Scott Robson of the Phoenix said they were trolling live bait, when the mackerel latched on.

"At first I thought I'd lost it because it was coming in real easy," Taylor said.

"But when it got close to the boat it got hard. I didn't think I was going to be able to do it. It felt like my arm was going to fall off," she said.

Although dad didn't help out, deckhand Justin Brantley did.

"I couldn't have done it without Justin," she said.

"It was tough … one of the hardest things I've ever done. But I'll do it again. It was worth it."

As for Morgan Marshall, she reeled in a couple of nice king mackerel and a big barracuda while fishing with Capt. Mike Graef and Groovy on the Huntress.

And 16-year-old Morgan wasn't going to be denied of having her photo made holding all three fish. With one fish in each hand, Groovy placed the third across her arms for the photo opp.

"I loved it out there," she said.

Although the fish she was holding was pretty big for such a young lady, Morgan said they were not the biggest catch of the day.

"The hardest pull was the amberjack I didn't get to keep." Capt. Graef said the amberjack was easily 30 pounds.

"The barracuda was the second hardest to get in. I felt like it was going to pull me over, but it didn't," Morgan said.

For the day, the crew aboard the Huntress had six mackerel, three barracuda, a couple of black snapper and mingo.

"I plan on coming back in October," she said to fish the Destin Fishing Rodeo. "I'm going to put the guys to shame."

Leigha Minton of Texas got in on some of the big fish action with an 18-pound red snapper caught aboard the Fish-in-Daze with Capt. Robber Broestler.

"I thought it was a cobia at first," said Broestler. "It started going out away from the boat. Then it went down and started acting like a snapper."

Minton, who was straining to hold up the fish, was more than happy to pose for a few photos with her catch.

Her snapper was the largest on the rack.