Thump goes the shark

Michael Minor shows off what is left of his king mackerel after it was ravaged by a shark Wednesday.

Michael Minor got shorted on his fishing trip Wednesday — shorted by a shark.

Minor, of Henderson, Texas, had huge king mackerel on line when it got shortened and then some by what appeared to be a bull shark.

"He was huge. It was about a 12-foot shark," said Capt. Mike Parker of the Silver King.

Minor had hooked up with the king.

"It was pulling and pulling, and then it started swimming toward me," Minor said. "Then I felt two thumps."

When he got the mackerel to the boat, it had a huge bite out of its back that measured more than 12 inches in circumference plus its tail and then some was gone.

"It looked like a big bull shark," Capt. Parker said.

The angler was still happy to pose for photos with the mangled up mackerel.

From the looks of what was left of the king mackerel, Capt. Parker said it most likely would have tilted the scales at 40 pounds.

In addition to the king mackerel, the group from Texas pulled in a limit of red snapper, and few black snapper. They also hooked up with another shark, but released it to swim another day.