There's still plenty of red to go around

P.J. Noland, (left to right) Wade Gregory and Chuck Word, all of Arkansas, pulled in some nice red grouper Thursday while fishing with Capt. Kirk Reynolds on the SS Enterprise. In addition to the red grouper they also reeled in king mackerel and lane snapper.

You might not be able to keep red snapper, but if you like the color red, there’s still plenty of red to go around.

There's the red vermillion snapper, also called mingo along the docks. This little treasure is still plentiful and anglers can keep 10 each of these tasty fish.

The lane snapper is also red with yellow stripes. Plus there is the black snapper, which is red with a bit of a black tint to it.

Then there is the red grouper. Looks like a grouper, but is reddish brown in color.

And on Thursday, a few of the boats were reeling in those red grouper.

Arkansas anglers on the SS Enterprise with Capt. Kirk Reynolds pulled in three red grouper. They also had a few lane snapper and a king mackerel.

Capt. Robbie Broestler on the Fish-In-Daze and crew came in with a red grouper weighing about 18 pounds, a few mingo, white snapper and a king mackerel. Captain said they lost a gag grouper that was most likely bigger than the red they had on the racks. "It straightened the hook on us," Broestler said.

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Anglers on the Sweet William III with Capt. Bill Watson had some of all the reds. They had a red grouper, black snapper, several mingo and white snapper.

Capt. Jim Westbrook on the New Florida Girl came in with several stringers loaded with mingo, a few black snapper and white snapper.

The New Florida Girl's American Spirit with Capt. Jim Green at the helm pulled in with board full of stringers filled with mingo, white snapper, a few lane snapper and a grouper.

Atlanta and Kentucky anglers on the Vengeance with Capt. Jason Hallmark pulled in a grouper, lane snapper and several mingo.

Atlanta anglers on the Destination with Capt. Stan Phillips had a good catch of mingo and white snapper.

The Sparrow family from Nashville came in on the Locked Up II with Capt. Judah Barbee with mingo, white snapper and a few mackerel in the mix.

Auburn, Ala. and St. Louis, Mo. anglers on the Why Wouldn't We? with Capt. Joe Griffin reeled in mingo, white snapper and one king mackerel.

For some that fished Thursday, they were all about the mackerel.

Missouri anglers on the Windwalker II with Capt. Bernie Lefebvre hauled in 16 king mackerel. The limit is two per person.

Andalusia, Ala. anglers on the Silver King with Capt. Mike Parker limited out on the king mackerel.

Anglers on the First Shot with Capt. Mike Dates pulled in king mackerel and Spanish mackerel.

Texas anglers on the Huntress with Capt. Mike Graef filled the racks with a dozen king mackerel.

The Dallas crew on the First Light with Capt. Steve Haeusler brought in a little bit of everything. They had a big king mackerel on the racks, three lane snapper, several mingo and white snapper. Plus they had a few stories to tell about the ones they let go. Aaron Schick reeled in a white marlin on light tackle after a 45 minute fight.

"It took off and was flipping around … We saw it jump two or three times," Schick said.

After they released the marlin, they hooked up with about a 150-pound shark.

"The shark was like an anchor," Schick said.

Wednesday was a big day on the water as well.

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Tennessee anglers on the Game On with Capt. Eric Thrasher reeled in king mackerel, scamp, mingo and white snapper.

Capt. T.J. George and his crew on the Daybreak pulled in some mighty big mingo, white snapper and lane snapper.

Anglers on the Outta Line with Capt. Trey Windes and the crew aboard the Blue Runner II with Capt. Tommy Carter filled the racks with king mackerel. Capt. Justin Destin on the Full Draw and crew had their fill of king mackerel.

Alabama anglers on the Huntress with Capt. Mike Graef hauled in some huge king mackerel, a cobia and some big red mingo.

Oklahoma anglers on the Un Reel with Capt. Paul Dale Wagner made a big haul on king mackerel with 14 on the racks averaging about 20 pounds each.

"This is a good grade for this time of year," Wagner said. "We were trolling live baits. We had some amazing rocketing … they were just ripping. But everybody worked hard for their catch."

Right now fishing is good, and if you're fond of red there is still plenty to go around.

See you at the docks.