Lincoln lands his fish - First time, may be the best time

First mate Danny Brennan helps young Lincoln Wild hold up his prize catch, a 50-pound sailfish, before they released it to swim another day.

Call it beginners luck or good fortune — either way 11-year-old Lincoln Wild got his fish.

On his first-ever offshore fishing trip, Lincoln, of Louisiana, landed a 50-pound sailfish Wednesday while fishing aboard the Special K with Capt. Kyle Lowe and mate Danny Brennan.

"It jumped out of the water and was trying to get away," Lincoln said. "It was moving around … I was trying to reel."

"He did a great job," Capt. Lowe said.

Captain said they were fishing about 23 miles out of Destin, when Lincoln hooked up with the sail on light spinning tackle with 25-pound test and a herring for bait.

"We like to use light tackle," Lowe said, noting it makes the fight a little more fun.

Not only was this Lincoln's first off-shore fishing trip, but it was the first stop of the day as well as the first fish.

"We started out right," said his dad Tim.

"It could have danced another time or two, that would have been OK," Tim said. "But we had fun," watching the sailfish flip around.

After about 15 minutes of reeling and splashing around, Lincoln got the sailfish to the boat.

"He whooped it pretty good," captain said.

They snapped a few photos and then released it to swim another day.

Before the day was done they had pulled in amberjack, white snapper, red snapper and mingo.

Needless to say the sailfish is the biggest fish young Lincoln has ever landed.

"It's like killing a 15-point deer on your first time out … where do you go from there," said his dad.