Massive mingo and red grouper make the rack

Anglers on the Gulf Breeze with Capt. John Gibson filled the baskets to overflowing with mingo, white snapper and Key West porgy.

With regulations hampering what anglers can keep and not keep, the boat captains are making the most of it and then some by pulling in some good catches.

Capt. Kelly Windes and his crew on the Sunrise from Kentucky brought in some massive mingo on Wednesday. This reporter had to do a double take; because the mingo (which are red in color) were so big they looked like red snapper hanging on the nails. In addition to the 3- to 4-pound mingo they had a couple of snowy grouper and a scamp.

Capt. Jason Mikel on the Backlash and crew came in from his second four-hour trip with a good catch of mingo, white snapper and a king mackerel.

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Illinois and Arkansas anglers on the Outta Line with Capt. Trey Windes had a huge catch of amberine, a couple of red grouper and several mingo and white snapper.

Speaking of amberine which is part of the jack family, amberjack opened up on Friday in state and federal waters and most every boat in the harbor was booked and ready to go. For the record, anglers can keep one per person and they have to measure at least 30 inches to keep.

Triggerfish also opened up on Friday, but only in state waters (from shore out to 9 nautical miles). Triggerfish has a two-fish bag limit and must measure 14 inches to keep.

On Wednesday, Mississippi anglers on the Realin Script with Capt. B.J. Teems backed in with a mahi mahi, mingo, Key West Porgy and some big white snapper.

Capt. Dennis Kendrick and crew on the Finest Kind pulled in mackerel, mingo, white snapper and amberine.

Anglers on the Anastasia with Capt. Tony Davis pulled in some big white snapper, mingo and three king mackerel.

Arkansas and Louisiana anglers on the Why Wouldn't We? with Capt. Joe Griffin had a rack full of mingo and white snapper as did the anglers on the Lucky Lina with Capt. Steve Lathi.

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Anglers on the First Light with Capt. Steve Haeusler pulled in a mixed bag of big bull mingo, white snapper, red grouper, snowy grouper, scamp and a couple of gray tile fish.

Capt. Tommy Carter and crew on the Blue Runner II came in with a rack of king mackerel and black snapper on Thursday.

Louisiana anglers on the Sure Lure with Capt. Don Dineen filled the board with mingo, white snapper and Key West porgy.

Capt. Bill Watson on the Sweet William III and his group from Oklahoma had a smorgasbord on the racks. They had red grouper, black snapper, mingo and a pile of white snapper.

King mackerel was the catch of the day aboard the Huntress with Capt. Mike Graef.

Alabama anglers on the Just B Cause with Capt. Ken Bolden came in from an eight hour with red grouper, white snapper, mingo and Key West porgy.

Anglers on the Mary Lou with Capt. Craig Mann pulled in a dozen black snapper and a couple of king mackerel.

Capt. John Gibson on the Gulf Breeze and crew brought in fish by the basket full. They had mingo, white snapper and Key West porgy on the board and scattered all over the docks.

I'd say the charter boats are making the most of fishing and then some.

See you at the docks.