Kings hang at 'High Noon'

Showing off their catch from the Un Reel are, from left, Chance Thomsen, Sheridan Thomsen, Ashley Hamon, Carson Hamon and Makenzy Hamon. All were first-time Gulf fishermen.

If it's noon at the docks, the king mackerel are bound to be hanging on the racks.

In the last few weeks, boat after boat has brought in their share of king mackerel, and Wednesday was a big day for the king.

Capt. Dennis Kendrick and crew on the Finest Kind came in from a morning trip with several king mackerel. Captain said they caught them trolling live bait.

Anglers aboard the Game On with Capt. Eric Thrasher pulled in a rack full of king mackerel.

Oklahoma anglers on the Un Reel with Capt. Paul Dale Wagner backed in at noon with a board full of king mackerel and a couple of black snapper.

"We caught all that before 8 o'clock," one of the anglers said. "It's a good thing we got out of bed."


The Texas anglers aboard the No Alibi with Capt. Chris Schofield loved their trip. "They were great to be with," one of the guys said. They filled the racks with king mackerel.

Back at noon, the Windwalker II with Capt. Bernie LeFebvre backed in with a load of king mackerel along with a pair of amberjack.

Texas anglers on the Vengeance with Capt. Jason Hallmark reeled in three king mackerel, along with white snapper, lane snapper and mingo.

Capt. Rodney Souza on the Silver Hook and crew had a rack of kings as did Capt. Allen Staples on the Al-Lin.

Texas anglers on the Blue Runner II with Capt. Tommy Carter pulled in king mackerel and a mahi mahi. First mate Pat Meyers said they caught the mahi mahi while trolling for the king mackerel.

Missouri anglers on the Sea Winder with Capt. Steve Brown reeled in three king mackerel, a triggerfish and several mingo. Triggerfish are still open in state waters for those boats not holding a federal permit.

Capt. Steve Pixley on the Reel Deal had a few king mackerel and bonito on the boards. "We wrestled with flipper a lot," Pixley said. The dolphin, aka flipper, tend to be a bit pesky and prey on the fishermen's catches.

Capt. Mike Graef and first mate Groovy on the Huntress reeled in 14 king mackerel and five amberine. Groovy said four of the mackerel weighed more than 20 pounds each.

Capt. Chuck Bonner on the Slay Ride 2 pulled in a pair of king mackerel and black snapper, while anglers on the Sea Venture brought in a few kings.

Illinois anglers on the Gulf Ranger with Capt. David Nettles had a huge mackerel on the racks, plus seven more. Captain said one of the anglers on the boat had asked what a "smoker" was earlier in the day. "We showed him," noting the fight that the huge mackerel that put up.

Tennessee anglers on the Anastasia with Capt. Tony Davis filled the board with king mackerel and a cobia.

Capt. Chip Godwin on the Rookie had a rack of king mackerel, with the largest weighing about 18 pounds.

Capt. Jimmy Miles and crew on the Miss Nautica pulled in with white snapper, mingo, Key West porgy and a couple of Atlantic Sharpnose Shark. Both sharks were very small, but the average length is about 3 feet.

Texas anglers on the Checkmate II with Capt. George Eller came in with black snapper, lane snapper, Key West porgy and a 100 head of "quality" mingo, as Capt. Eller put it.

Capt. Jim Green and crew on the New Florida Girl's American Spirit came in with several stringers filled with mingo, white snapper plus a yellowedge grouper.

Texas anglers on the Outta Line with Capt. Trey Windes came in with a mixed bag of king mackerel, scamp, white snapper, mingo and black snapper.

Pennsylvania anglers on the Sunrise with Capt. Kelly Windes backed in with three amberjack, grouper, scamp and several bull mingo.

Capt. Gary Jarvis on the Backdown 2 and crew filled the racks with a couple of amberjack, mahi mahi, king mackerel and several bull mingo.

Fishing is good and the bite is on.

See you at the docks.