Roy ready to go for rodeo

Staff Writer
The Destin Log
Gerry Roy has sold T-shirts for the Destin Fishing Rodeo for 20 years.

What's a Destin Fishing Rodeo without a T-shirt?

And every year the designs change, but the ladies that man the merchandise trailer, not so much.

Local Realtor Gerry Roy, who volunteers in the T-shirt trailer, is one that hasn't changed in a number of years.

Roy, who started volunteering in the early ‘90s, read about the opportunity first in the paper and then was encouraged by friend Diane Pisani.

Pisani was selling shirts and had said it was fun, Roy said. "I finally got around to joining her," she added.

At that time, the rodeo was held on the docks at what used to be Marina Pointe on the western end of the harbor.

There was no merchandise trailer.

"We had folding tables and a couple of folding chairs," Roy said, in which to sell the shirts and hats from.

"Today we have more people and more exposure," she said.

"It's been fun. I've met so many fun people," Roy said during her time as a volunteer.

"And I like the people part best. The people I work with … we're all different, but we all get along."

"And everyday is different," she said, from the people that come by, to the fish that hit the docks.

"The scariest was when they brought in that shark," she said.

In 2007 the charter boat Twilight brought in an 844-pound Mako shark that wowed the crowd.

However, the part of the volunteer job she looks forward to is Halloween.

"I like dressing up for Halloween," she said.

Each year the people who man the merchandise trailer pick a theme and dress alike.

Roy said her favorite was when they wore the long T-shirts that looked like they were all wearing bikinis.

"They all thought we had fabulous shapes," she laughed.

Roy is just one of about 20 who work in the T-shirt trailer.

"I guess I'll do it until they kick me out of the trailer. Or as long as I'm physically able to," she said.

The rodeo merchandise trailer is scheduled to move down to the harbor Sept. 19 and get ready for set up for the month long fishing tournament which begins Oct. 1.