Breaking for fish

Tennessee anglers aboard the Game On with Capt. Eric Thrasher came in with rack full of amberjack, mingo and white snapper on Wednesday.

Not all spring breakers are spending their time on the beach, several are hopping on some of our charters for a great day of fishing.

And Wednesday and Thursday were perfect days with slick calm waters along with a good fish bite.

Anglers from Franklin, Tenn. reeled in a big catch Wednesday aboard the Game On with Capt. Eric Thrasher. They pulled in five big amberjack along with mingo and white snapper. Captain said they were fishing about 25 to 27 miles out.

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A father and son from Tennessee pulled in a white snapper and a few Key West porgy while fishing on the First Shot with Capt. Mike Dates.

The Destination with Capt. Stan Phillips at the helm backed in Wednesday with amberjack, black snapper, mingo and hit snapper. His anglers were here on spring break from Oklahoma.

“Fishing is good,” said Capt. B.J. Teems as he stepped off the Fish-N-Teem Wednesday afternoon. He and his anglers from Tennessee came in with a red grouper, amberjack, some big mingo and white snapper.

Capt. Jeremy Ruskowski on the Inshore Anglers and his guys from Knoxville, Tenn. filled the racks with sheepshead. They had 19 total with a couple of them hitting the 7- to 9-pound range. Captain said they caught them fishing around the bridge.

Sheepshead like to feed on crustations, so they like to hang out around the pilings.

Thusday was another big day on the water with the First Light with Capt. Steve Hauesler and his group from Missouri and Tennessee. They pulled in four big amberjack along with a pile of white snapper and mingo.

The Destination came in with a mix of scamp, white snapper, mingo and a couple of goggle eye. A goggle eye is bright orangey-red, not very big but has a huge eye. Anyhow they had two on the racks.

Capt. Reid Phillips of the party boat Destin Princess backed in with a boat full of folks, 32 to be exact.

“It was gorgeous, you couldn’t ask for anything more,” Phillips said.

He and his crew were fishing about 20 miles and they pulled in everything from mingo, white snapper, red snapper and lane snapper.

“It was an awesome day … nothing to complain about,” Phillips said.

Anglers on the Phoenix with Capt. Scott Robson came in from a six-hour trip with a load of fish. They had six amberjack, a scamp, and several mingo and white snapper.

Texas anglers on the Rookie with Capt. Matt Woods and Capt. Chip Godwin reed in a nice little catch of mingo and white snapper.

Kansas City anglers on the Al-Lin with Capt. Allen Staples backed in Thursday afternoon with mingo and white snapper.

Not long after, Capt. Justin Destin on the Full Draw and his group from Kansas City backed in as well. They had a half-dozen amberjack along with several mingo and white snapper.

Capt. Destin put a little twist on “throw back Thursday.”

“This is what didn’t get thrown back on Thursday,” Destin said as he looked at the catch.

Capt. Phillip Blackburn on the Sea Fix and crew came in with a red grouper, black snapper and a few white snapper.

Kentucky and Oklahoma anglers on the 100 Proof with Capt. Ben O’Connor pulled in a big catch. They had three amberjack, mingo and white snapper.

“The fish bite was good,” O’Connor said.

So take a break from the beach and hop on a boat. Who knows you might catch dinner and then some.

See you at the docks.