Sure Thing lands a for-sure cobia

Brian Hammerman was having a little fun posing for photographs with his 82-pound cobia on the docks.

Catching cobia is never a sure thing.

However, you can catch a cobia on a Sure Thing, which is exactly what Brian Hammerman of Atlanta, Ga. did Wednesday.

Hammerman reeled down and hauled in an 82-pound cobia while fishing aboard the charter boat Sure Thing with Capt. Rocky Griffith.

“It was a struggle,” Hammerman said of the fat cobia as it lay on the docks at Fishing Fleet Marina. “It put up one heck of a fight. It was amazing.”

Capt. Griffith said they were coming in from a six-hour fishing trip when they spotted the cobia right out front of the pass.

And with the cobia run in full swing, captains and mates always keep a rod and reel baited up and ready to throw, just in case they spot an elusive ling.

Once the crew on the Sure Thing spotted the cobia, they cast at it using an eel for bait, and the fight was on.

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Hammerman said it took about 15 minutes to get the cobia in the boat.

“But it seemed like an eternity,” he said.

Prior to catching the cobia, the group of guys had caught mingo, white snapper and Spanish mackerel.

“We thought we were having fun before, but this was amazing,” Hammerman said.