Deflate-Gate: Nothing but hot air?

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Matt’s Take:

Will it be two games, four games, eight games or more?

With punishment from the Deflategate “scandal” expected to come down this week, all eyes are on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Will he strike down with an iron fist with his suspension of New England Patriot’s Quarterback Tom Brady for his role in deflated footballs?

The Wells report found that it was “more probable than not” Brady was “generally aware” of Patriot’s staffers altering game footballs.

We all know Brady will be suspended for his role in the latest insert your choice of words before “gate” drama, which is not necessarily the right course of action.

Brady should be punished, but a suspension doesn’t fit the crime. At most, the quarterback should receive a hefty fine and the organization should be fined, perhaps docked a draft pick in 2016.

Why would a more severe punishment be warranted? Brady didn’t beat his wife, he didn’t get busted for PED use and he hasn’t violated the NFL’s drug policy in any way.

The main thing Brady is guilty of is not being honest and forthright with investigators. He refused to turn over his phone, which more than likely means he has something to hide.

The public scrutiny about his legacy may be all the punishment the usually squeaky-clean Brady needs.

Brady will forever be known as a cheater, whether or not it’s rightfully deserved. He’s already been found guilty in the court of public opinion, which is damaging enough.

Make Brady and the organization pay with their checkbooks. Hefty fines are warranted, but a suspension is not.

Andrew’s Take:

Deflation is contagious.

Haven’t you heard? It’s the next “Ebola.” Patient Zero (Tom Brady) started it and now we’re all feeling it. Soon enough, it’ll all be forgotten.

I should get a “free language pass” for Brady commentary. In fact, instead of using expletives, from now on I’m just going to say his name.

That’s how I discuss Brady. His likeness comes to mind and I start barking, involuntarily.

Can’t we all agree? Brady’s a clown. I know Bostonians love the guy, but I’ll listen to their opinions when the words aren’t filtered through such a skin-crawling accent.

Yeah, four Super Bowls, we know. But if that’s your gage for greatness then Brady is tied with Terry Bradshaw as the best ever.

Brady couldn’t make one completion without Bill Belichick’s blockade in front of him, deflated balls or not. Unfortunately, nobody’s noticed. And when the perennial topic of “best quarterback” comes up, Brady’s name is always mentioned.

Can his legacy finally be tarnished? Brady’s reputation exists in unison with that of the Patriots. So if “cheater” is assigned to the team, it should also be attached to the man.

This is a matter of infinite arrogance. Just as Brady has flourished under his coach’s system of “X’s and O’s,” he’s benefitted from a culture of dishonesty.

But, “Why not?” It’s clear that the New England Patriots can do as they please. As long as last year’s Lombardi Trophy lives in Foxboro, Mass., their actions have not been punished.

Brady should be suspended for one or two games. The League needs to be very careful, though. Anything more, and you’re saying that deflated footballs are worse than domestic violence.

Do you realize how tough it was to write this column and not make any childish jokes?