The bite is on

Grace Ward, 12, of Memphis, Tenn. was more than happy to hold up her red snapper she caught Thursday aboard the High Cotton with Capt. T.J. George. As a matter fact, she named the fish "Steve." Ward had a smaller snapper on the rack she called "Steve Jr."

Catch the limit, no problem.

Destin’s finest have been hitting it hard and fast on the Gulf of Mexico the last couple of days pulling in their limit on almost every trip.

“There is good bite right now,” said Capt. Brandon Wright of Destin Bay Charters. He and his crew went out Thursday and fished for red snapper, then trolled for king mackerel — getting the limit on both, which is two per angler.

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Red snapper season opened in state waters, from shore out to nine nautical miles, last weekend. However, on Monday, June 1, it’s game on for all boats in state and federal waters. Snapper season will be open for 44 days in federal waters, so get them while you can.

Capt. Robbie Broestler on the Fish-In-Daze and his group from Kentucky came in Thursday with a limit  of red snapper and a king mackerel. Captain said they almost had an amberjack, but a big Jewfish, about a 150-pounder, came up and ate it. Apparently all the fish are hungry.

Tennessee anglers on the Double Time with Capt. Tim Adams reeled in a limit of red snapper and three sea bass.

Capt. Bill Watson on the Sweet William III and his group from Tennessee and Alabama pulled in a limit of red snapper.

Anglers from Colorado and Atlanta reeled in a limit of red snapper and king mackerel while fishing on the Lock-N-Load with Capt. Steve Brown.

Mississippi anglers on the Fish-N-Teem with Capt. Billy Teems came in from a four-hour trolling trip with a limit of king mackerel.

Capt. Rusty Gilbert on the Mary Lou and crew came in with a limit of kings and three Spanish mackerel. “The kings are biting good,” Gilbert said.

Capt. Jason Hindman on the Suzie Q and his anglers from Huntsville, Ala. filled the racks with a limit of red snapper and one rock salmon.

Missouri anglers on the Blue Runner II with Capt. Tommy Carter reeled in a limit of king mackerel. Word is they also fought a 100-pound shark for about 10 minutes. “It seemed like 30 minutes,” one of the anglers piped up.

Anglers on the Al-Lin and SS Enterprise came in with good catches of king mackerel.

Capt. Mike Dates and his Tennessee anglers on the First Shot hauled in three king mackerel and six red snapper on a four-hour trip. “We caught those as fast as we could get the hook to the bottom,” Dates said.

“We were blessed with good fish again today,” said Capt. T.J. George of the High Cotton. He and his group from Memphis, Tenn. filled the racks with red snapper, king mackerel and Spanish.

Anglers on the No Alibi with Capt. Chris  Schofield reeled in their limit of kings. “They’re chomping,” captain said.

Kansas and Kentucky anglers on the Inshore Angler with Capt. Jeremy Ruskowskin had their limit of king mackerel and red snapper as did the Ohio folks on the Why Wouldn’t We? with Capt. Joe Griffin.

The Windwalker II had a good catch of kings and snapper and the Great Escape filled the boards with red snapper.

Fishing was just as good Wednesday as it was on Thursday.

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Capt. Chris Kirby and his group from Knoxville, Tenn. came in from a four-hour trip on the Backlash with a limit of king mackerel. Word is they also got a couple of shark on line.

“We’ve got a good bite of fish right now,” Kirby said.

And apparently, Kirby is right.

Capt. Stan Phillips on the Destination came in with a limit of king mackerel on a four-hour trip and was getting ready to go again.

Nashville anglers on the Fish-N-Fool with Capt. Casey Weldon reeled in three king mackerel, mingo, white snapper and lane snapper.

Tennessee anglers on the Silver King with Capt. Alex Hare got a limit of red snapper, a couple of kings and Spanish.

Capt. Brant Kelly and his group from Georgia and Alabama aboard the Relentless got their limit of king mackerel and amberjack, plus a bonus blackfin tuna.

Tennessee anglers on the Twilight with Capt. Robert Hill filled the racks with a couple of king mackerel, several big mingo and white snapper.

Anglers on the Full Draw with Capt. Justin Destin backed in with a dozen king mackerel on a four-hour trolling trip.

“The fishing is awesome … we’ve got very good fishing right now,” Destin said.

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