Destined to fish on the Destiny

Tina Harbuck
A group of Pittsburgh Steeler fans had a big day on the water fishing. They pulled in red snapper, mingo and white snapper.

More than 30 anglers went fishing aboard the Destiny with Capt. Dennis Kendrick on Wednesday and brought in a big catch of mingo, white snapper, amberine and red snapper. The Destiny has been part of the two-year pilot program where they were allotted so many red snapper tags in order to keep the fish. The program wraps up the end of the year.

“It was a good day, can’t complain,” Kendrick said.

“The fish bit good … 1-foot seas, with not much tide. It was not too hot, not too cold … almost perfect,” captain said.

The group fished about 20 miles out of Destin on the six-hour trip.