'This thing was huge; this was the man': Great White takes a bite out of Sure Lure catch (VIDEO)

Tina Harbuck
After watching a close encounter of a Great White Shark eating a 30-pound amberjack, Tom Tumey of Texas captured these photos with his phone when the shark came cruising back by the boat, Sure Lure.

It didn’t just take a bite, it ate the whole thing.

Texas anglers fishing aboard the Sure Lure Wednesday with Capt. Don Dineen had an unexpected visitor show up – a Great White Shark that was hungry for amberjack.

“He ate about three amberjack and one right on the surface,” Dineen said.

Tod Tumey and his son Truette, along with Truette's friend Reid Sheppard, Kevin Maley, and his son Joseph were all aboard the Sure Lure on a six-hour trip when they encountered a Great White about 15 miles out of Destin.

“It was longer than my boat was wide,” Dineen said, noting it kept swimming around the boat.

The Sure Lure is a 40-foot Infinity Sportfisher and is about 13- to 14-foot wide.

Dineen estimated the shark was between 14- and 16-foot long.

When the Great White first came on the scene it surprised everyone.

“We weren’t expecting it,” said Tod Tumey, “But it made our boys year.”

Tumey explained that Reid had been fighting what appeared to be about a 30-pound amberjack and you could see the amberjack coming up in the water.

“The amberjack was about 2 or 3 feet under the water and about the time my deckhand (Wyatt) started to wire it up, it came up and ate the whole thing … in one bite,” Dineen said.

Tumey said the shark came from underneath the boat.

“All you could see was this humongous shadow … and then he opened his mouth and swallowed it like it was a piece of popcorn,” Tumey said.

“His mouth was wider than my shoulders,” said Tumey, noting that he’s not a small man at 6-foot-1 and 230 pounds.

“It looked like something fake out of a movie,” he said.

“It swam around on the surface for about two or three minutes ... You could see him plain as day,” Dineen said.

“You could hear water coming off the dorsal fin when it came back closely by the boat several times,” Tumey said.

“It was like it was expecting more,” Dineen said.

Captain said they got a grouper up in the water, but the shark didn’t want anything to do with it.

Although the shark encounter was new for Tumey and the other Texas anglers, it’s nothing new for Capt. Dineen.

Two years ago, Dineen and his crew brought in a 10-foot 720-pound Mako.

But the Great White was something to behold.

“This thing was huge. It made that Mako look like a puppy. This was the man. Pretty spectacular,” Dineen said.