Surf and Turf the Destin way

Tina Harbuck
Capt. Justin Destin took the turkey and cobia down to Harbor Docks for the Cobia World Championships. The cobia weighed in at 45 pounds and the turkey 16. Pictured from left are Lee Smith, Justin Destin and Jon Wilson.

Which came first, the turkey or the cobia?

For Capt. Justin Destin of Destin, it was the turkey; but he managed to get both in the same day.

“The stars were aligned,” Destin said.

On Monday, Destin, along with his buddy Lee Smith, went hunting over on Eglin Air Force Base and bagged a turkey.

Destin said he shot the turkey with a 12 gauge shotgun about 9:30 a.m.

He got back to Destin about 11 and was on the water fishing by noon aboard his boat the Full Draw.

“We probably fished about six hours,” he said, noting they fished until about dark.

“We caught him about 3 o’clock,” Destin said.

Fishing down east of Destin, he used a jig to lure in the elusive ling.

This is the second time Destin has done what he calls a “surf and turf” combo.

The first time Destin accomplished a “surf and turf” was in 2012. On that day he got a pair of cobia along with his turkey.

And like the first time, he put his bounty on the rack behind his boat for a photo opportunity.

However, when he put the turkey on the racks this year alongside the cobia, someone asked, “ ‘What kind of lure did you have to use to catch that?’ ” Destin said.

“Top water,” he replied.