BIG START AND FINISH: Pulling the trigger on the Huntress (video)

Tina Harbuck
Sonny Arnau of Atlanta shows off his 12.1-pound triggerfish he hauled in while fishing aboard the Huntress with Capt. Mike Graef.

They knew it was big, but they didn’t know it was that big.

Sonny Arnau of Atlanta reeled in a 12.1-pound triggerfish while fishing aboard the Huntress with Capt. Mike Graef on Wednesday.

When deckhand Groovy tossed the fish out on the docks, everybody standing around, including myself, was taking guesses as to how much the triggerfish weighed.

Groovy said at least 10, while others were tossing out numbers like 10.5 to 11.5.

As soon as it was put on the scales, the guessing was over and it came in higher than most thought.

“I was surprised at how big it was,” Arnau said when it came over the rail, noting the fish pulled pretty good on the line.

Groovy said it’s the largest triggerfish he’s ever been a part of catching.

The state record for triggerfish is 12.7 which was set in 2001 by a Pensacola angler.

Arnau’s triggerfish was the first fish of the day for the crew aboard the Huntress, but definitely not the last.

The Atlanta anglers pulled in about a dozen triggerfish in addition to the whopper.

They also had five big amberjack with the largest of the ’jacks weighing 66 pounds.

Max Miller was the angler that pulled in the big amberjack.

“I didn’t think I could finish him,” Miller said, noting his fish was the last of the day on the eight-hour trip.