WAHOOOO ... King hauls in a whopper of a wahoo (VIDEO AND PHOTOS)

Tina Harbuck

They had already had a great fishing trip, but the 100.8-pound wahoo they snagged on the way in was just the icing on the cake for the group of buddies on the Full Draw with Capt. Justin Destin.

Coming in from a two-day trip on Monday afternoon, they knew they had a big one, just not how big.

“I’ve lived here my whole life and this is the only wahoo I’ve ever caught,” said Johnny King.


Capt. Destin said they had been fishing about 150 miles offshore for the last two days. He along with King, Nick Shores, Jordan Hutchinson, Tyler Bailey and Jonathan Wilson had already pulled in eight yellowfin tuna and eight amberjack.

“There was a lot of blue water, absolutely gorgeous out,” Destin said, noting the tuna bite was good.

On the way home, Monday they were trolling a plug when a huge fish took the bait.

“I was sitting on the back deck and had gone in to get some lunch,” King said.

Then all of a sudden he heard the line screaming.

“It took off a bunch of line,” King said.

King was fighting the fish on a Shimano 50-wide, loaded with 100-pound test.

“He was trying everything he could to get loose,” King said, noting the fish shook its head many times.

At one point the fish started swimming back towards the boat.

King said he started reeling really fast to keep the line tight.

“He went up and down, all over the place doing everything he could to get away,” King said. “I fought him and fought him.”

King eventually put a little more heat on the fish.

“After a while she just stayed down … then she finally came up,” he said.

When the fish finally surfaced after about a 30 minute fight, King said that deckhand Wilson said, “ ‘Dude, it’s a huge wahoo … it’s a dinosaur.’ ”

All along, King had thought he was tangling with a yellowfin tuna.

Hutchison wired the fish up and Wilson put the first gaff in the fish, and Hutchison the second.

“With a big long fish like that it took two gaffs,” King said.

“In my head, I thought it was a 120-pound yellowfin tuna. That’s what I thought this fish was,” King said.

However, Hutchison said everybody sees big tunas.

“I’m so glad it was a wahoo,” he said.

The winning wahoo in the month-long Destin Fishing Rodeo last year was a 51.8-pounder.