FISH FLASH: It's all good on the waterfront

Tina Harbuck

Not sure which is better right now, the fishing or the weather? But one thing is for sure, they make for a good combination on the water. And folks have been taking advantage of the good conditions the last few days.

Thursday saw some mighty fine catches hit the docks.

Capt. Stan Phillips and his crew aboard Destination brought in a mixed bag of mingo, white snapper, lane snapper and a king mackerel.

Anglers on the Special K with Capt. Kyle Lowe were back at the docks by noon with a limit of triggerfish, along with a few amberjack and a mingo. Word is they also caught and released about a 6-foot sandbar shark.

Missouri anglers on the Phoenix with Capt. Scott Robson hauled in some big amberjack and a king mackerel.

“Fishing is good right now,” said Capt. Robson. “The weather is excellent … It’s on now.”

Deckhand Wayne Ryals on the 100 Proof agreed with Robson.

“It’s pretty good fishing,” Ryals said.

And the proof was on the racks. The group of anglers filled the nails with triggerfish, mingo and king mackerel.

Tennessee anglers on the Anastasia with Capt. Tony Davis pulled in a good catch of king mackerel, triggerfish, mingo, white snapper and lane snapper.

Louisiana anglers fishing with Capt. Tim Cooper and Destin Inshore Fishing Company came in with a rack full of mingo and white snapper.

Capt. Ken Bolden and his group from Oklahoma and Arkansas on the Just B Cause filled the board with triggerfish, mingo, white snapper and a king mackerel.

“It was a great day for a fishing trip,” Capt. Bolden said. “It’s been great this week. Hopefully it stays this way for awhile.”

Capt. Chuck Bonner with Back Country Outfitters came in with a load of mahi mahi.

“We found a weed line about nine miles out off of Sandestin,” Bonner said, noting it was loaded with fish.

“They messed with the wrong boat today,” he added.

Louisiana anglers on the Only Way with Capt. Curt Gwin came in with a king mackerel, some big triggerfish, along with mingo and lane snapper.

Game On also came in with some huge triggerfish in the 7-pound range. The Georgia and Kentucky folks aboard the Game On with Capt. Eric Thrasher also had a scamp, an amberjack and several big mingo.

Mississippi and Arkansas anglers on Sweet William III with Capt. Bill Watson were busy on Thursday. They filled the racks with mingo, white snapper, triggerfish and a couple of Key West porgy.

Ohio anglers on the Full Draw with Capt. Justin Destin brought in a smorgasbord. They had amberjack, triggerfish, mingo, king mackerel, scamp, amberine and an Almaco Jack.

“If it’s eatable, we wanted it,” one of the Ohio guys said as deckhand Jonathan Wilson was cleaning up the catch.

Texas anglers on the Vengeance with Capt. Nathan Putney landed a wahoo, along with several triggerfish, mingo and white snapper.

Outta Line with Capt. Trey Windes at the helm came in with mingo, triggerfish, white snapper and a few mahi mahi.

“It was nice out today,” Windes said.

And the forecast for the next few days looks just as good. Hopefully the bite will be on as well.

See you at the docks.