FISH FLASH: Kings and things hit the docks

Tina Harbuck

The king mackerel bite is on and most every charter boat is getting in on the action from the looks of the racks up and down the docks the last few days.

Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana and Oklahoma anglers on the Phoenix with Capt. Scott Robson pulled in eight king mackerel along with several mingo and white snapper. Capt. Robson said they kind of mixed it up on Thursday, doing a little trolling and bottom fishing.

King mackerel and Spanish mackerel was the catch of the day aboard the Starfire with Capt. John Geisbrecht and his anglers from Missouri.

There was no stress on the Stress Relief with Capt. Scott Robinson on Thursday. He and his group from Virginia went out on a four hour trip and pulled in several king mackerel.

“We were just blessed to be able to go … and we didn’t have to go that far before we got a bite,” one of the anglers said.

Capt. Robinson said they didn’t have to fight off any dolphins as well.

Ohio anglers on the Destination with Capt. Stan Phillips came in with king mackerel, mingo, white snapper and a blackfin tuna.

Texas anglers on the Special K with Capt. Kyle Lowe pulled in several mingo and white snapper as well as some jolthead porgy. The jolthead porgy looks like an over sized white snapper with blue markings. It was actually pretty and deckhand Danny Brennan said it was a tasty fish, similar to triggerfish.

Michigan anglers on the Miss Brandi with Capt. Brandy Miles-Kitchens came in with a rack of king mackerel and some big Spanish mackerel.

Texas anglers on Destin Inshore Charters with Capt. Tim Cooper came in with some big king mackerel, along with a barracuda.

Kentucky anglers fishing aboard the Wahoo with Capt. Chip Godwin had a big day on the water Thursday. They had some king mackerel on the racks, including one that weighed about 20 pounds. They also pulled in black snapper, some big mingo, Almaco Jack and white snapper.

Virginia anglers on the Cutting Edge with Capt. Steve Regan pulled in a pair of king mackerel, along with several mingo and white snapper.

Capt. T.J. George and his group from Rhode Island on the High Cotton reeled in a mixed bag. They had king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, mingo and white snapper on the boards Thursday.

Anglers on the Bow’d Up with Capt. Brady Bowman filled the racks with some big mingo on Thursday.

Wednesday was just as good on the waterfront.

Capt. Casey Weldon on the Fish-N-Fool and Capt. Harold Staples on the Al-Lin came in with king mackerel, mingo, white snapper and bonito.

Anglers on the Silver King with Capt. Alex Hare had mackerel, mingo, white snapper and a lane snapper. Word is they threw back several triggerfish and red snapper, which are currently off the catch list.

Texas anglers on the Silver Lining with Capt. Ed Shields lined the racks with king mackerel, mingo and white snapper, as did the group fishing aboard the Cinnsational with Capt. Chris Mitchell.

Capt. Robert Hill and his group on the Twilight had a smorgasbord on the nails. They had grouper, a couple of mackerel, some big mingo and white snapper.

Fishing is good, but hot. After all it is August, so bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.

See you at the docks.