Louisiana man lands sailfish (VIDEO)

Tina Harbuck
Holding up the big sailfish from left are deckhand Shag, angler Richard Boudreaux of Louisiana and deckhand Ted Barnett. The sailfish measured 88 inches in length.

It was their second one in two weeks, however this one they couldn’t revive.

Capt. Brian Kelley and crew aboard the Scream’n Drag hooked up with a sailfish near the sea buoy on Thursday, the second in the last two weeks.

Richard Boudreaux of Louisiana was the angler on the rod that battled with the fish on Thursday.

“We had it on for about an hour,” said Capt. Kelley.

But after they got it to the boat, and took a few photos, they tried to revive it.

“We tried to bring it back, but he just didn’t kick,” Kelley said.

Deckhand Shag was hanging over the boat trying to keep the sailfish in the water trying to bring it back while they circled around, but it just didn’t happen.

Captain said they had been king mackerel fishing and were on their way back in when they stopped around the sea buoy hoping to get a couple of more mackerel when they spotted the fish in the water.

“I thought it was a white marlin at first because of the size of it,” Kelley said, plus he didn’t see the sail.

But after it took the bait, the fight was on.

“It hauled ass,” said an excited Boudreaux as he talked about the catch at the docks. “It was awesome. … It’s the biggest (fish) I’ve ever caught.”

Boudreaux said the fish put up quite the fight.

“His arm was shaking, and then he’d grab the rod with the other hand,” one of the other anglers on the boat said.

Captain said they got 12 to 13 jumps out of the sailfish and they traveled about a mile from the spot they hooked it before they got it to the boat. The sailfish measured 88 inches in length.

Boudreaux said he plans to eat the fish then have a mount made and put in his office back home.