Getting hooked for the holidays

By Tina Harbuck | 315-4466 | @DestinLogTina |
Nick Price of the party boat Swoop II helps 9-year-old Claire Kemp of Arkansas hold up one of the stringers of fish caught Wednesday. TINA HARBUCK/THE LOG

Some folks spent the holidays with family, some in front of the TV watching ball games, some attended holiday church services and some did a little bit of all of the above.

But on Wednesday, some folks spent time on the water fishing out of Destin.

Capt. Steven Pixley of the Big Deal took a family out Wednesday and brought back a good catch of mingo and white snapper.

“We let about a 100 triggerfish go,” Pixley said.

Triggerfish closed earlier this year and are not expected to open back up until January 2018. Word is the triggerfish is overfished, however, you couldn’t prove it by what our local captains are reeling up on most every trip.

Capt. Jason Steele on the Barracuda came in with a few mingo and white snapper as well on Wednesday.

About 2 o’clock the party boat Swoop II with Capt. Matt Wheeler backed in with 41 people aboard and a couple of tubs full of fish. They pulled out stringers filled with mingo, white snapper, lane snapper, black snapper and even an Almaco Jack.

Tennessee and Texas anglers aboard the Miss Nautica with Capt. Jimmy Miles filled the racks and then some on Wednesday. They reeled in the limit on mingo and a pile of white snapper and a few bonito. The limit on mingo is 10 per person and they must measure 10 inches to keep. So needless to say, they had plenty to show for their efforts and will be eating well in the near future.

Anglers from Nebraska, Colorado and a few locals on the Cutting Edge with Capt. Matt Behnken pulled in with a good catch of mingo, white snapper and a scamp.

Capt. Dennis Kendricks on the party boat Destiny pulled in about 2:30 p.m. with more than about 50 anglers and several stringers filled with mingo and white snapper.

The party boat Sweet Jody with Capt. Cliff Cox at the helm came in with a great catch right at dark from an eight-hour trip. They pulled in several mingo and white snapper and a few amberines.

“We threw back lots of nice trigger, some red snapper and some amberjack,” Capt. Cox said.

Fishing is good. So start the New Year by booking a trip.

See you at the docks.