It’s all about the fish tale

Tina Harbuck

It’s been a crazy along the waterfront this week with all kinds of fish tales. From a shark breaking a rod in half to a deckhand breaking off a cobia in the harbor, it’s not been dull.

Tuesday afternoon the party boat Destiny with Capt. Dennis Kendricks came in from an eight-hour trip with a load of stringers filled with huge mingo and white snapper.

“The tide was running hard today,” Kendricks said, which made it hard to keep lines down.

But apparently they didn’t have too much of a problem from the looks of the huge mingo. Captain said they released about 200 red snapper and 200 triggerfish while they were trying to find the mingo.

“Some of the snapper were 20 pounders,” Kendrick’s said.

While the Destiny was cleaning up their catch, a couple of the deckhands off the Sweet Jody noticed a cobia swimming near the docks in the harbor. Chad Hall grabbed a rod and tossed a bait at it trying to get it to bite. And it did.

Hall had the cobia on for about 45 seconds before it broke the line.

They actually saw the cobia, about a 30 pounder, swim by a couple of more times, but never could get it to bite again. At least that’s our tale … and we’re sticking to it.