Okie’s tangle with multiple tigers

Tina Harbuck
B.J. Barnett, along with Susan, Blakely and Breegan show off a release flag for catching and releasing a tiger shark estimated to be about 800 pounds. They were fishing with Capt. Bill Waitsman on the Shock'n Y'all on Thursday. [TINA HARBUCK/THE LOG]

For the second day in a row, Capt. Bill Waitsman on the Shock’n Y’all put his anglers on tiger shark.

After hooking up with a 1,000-pounder on Wednesday, Waitsman took the Barnett family from Oklahoma out for a “shark workout” Thursday.

“It was worse than a workout at school,” said Blakely.

“It was like being drug by a horse,” added B.J.

Captain said they had a triple hook up of tiger shark.

However, they finally had to cut the two smaller shark loose and work the big one, which captain estimated to be about 800 pounds.

“There were tiger shark just free swimming around the boat,” captain said.

It took the family of four about two and a half hours to get the shark to the boat. At one point in the fight, Susan said the shark came up and splashed water on them with its tail.

“That felt good,” she said.

And another time Susan said it looked like the shark smiled at them and then went back out.

“It was like one step forward and two steps back,” Susan said when it came to reeling down on the Tiger.

The group was able to snap several photos of the shark before releasing it.