Ream has his Kitchen Pass and is ready to go

Tina Harbuck
Capt. Travis Ream of the Kitchen Pass got his captain's license for 100 ton vessels in 2001. [TINA HARBUCK/THE LOG]

No need to ask for a kitchen pass when you’ve got one.

And for Capt. Travis Ream, he’s got his own Kitchen Pass — a 33 footer that fishes six people.

Earlier this year, Ream bought a 33-foot Bertram from Capt. Jim Westbrook, and tagged it Kitchen Pass.

“We’ve always used that phrase growing up,” Ream said. 

“Whenever you got a chance to go hang out with your buddies and you’re old lady gave you a kitchen pass … what better name for a boat,” he said, because it’s usually a bunch of guys fishing or hunting together. “We’ve got our kitchen pass so we’re ready to go.”

Although this is Ream’s first boat, it’s far from his first time on the water.

Like a lot of area captains, he grew up on the waterfront.

“I’ve lived here my whole life,” said the 40-year-old. “I started like most of the guys my age. As a teenager I started off washing boats for guys and cleaning fish, and then I started second mating for captains.”

Over the years he worked along side Capt. Robert Hanshaw and his son Mark on the Miss Aegina and Capt. Todd Allen on the Big John as well as Capt. Donnie Brown on the Sea Ya.

Ream worked 13 years for Hanshaw, eight on the deck and five at the wheel. He got his captain’s license in 2001.

After the Miss Aegina, Ream took a little break from fishing and tried to doing a land job.

“I did that for a couple of years, and then I realized that was a big mistake,” Ream said.

“I’ve got a good marketable skill here,” he said, noting all the things he knew about fishing. “I said why not … fishing is in my blood and I love being out there.”

So on Jan. 30, he and his buddy, Jan Apuya, bought the boat and Ream’s been running pretty steady all season.

“We’ll do any kind of trip you want to do,” Ream said, from trolling to bottom fishing. “And if they don’t care about keeping fish, we’ll go get them a pull. Catch a few amberjack and take some pictures.”

But most of all he likes taking families, especially the children, fishing.

“I love taking the kids out and seeing the expressions on their face when they catch their first fish … you can’t put a price on that,” he said.

However, what he likes most about fishing is the “not knowing.”

“The fact that you never know what’s going to bite the hook. You could be a mile out or 100 miles out and the suspense of what’s going to bite that hook has always got me,” he said. “I love that … and just being on the water.”

The Kitchen Pass can be found on the back docks at East Pass Marina, near the Boathouse Oyster Bar and Grill on Destin harbor.

For more information, 850-933-6132.